How to damage your eyes?

Welcome human-like creature, are you feeling bored and tired of your crystal-clear vision? Do you feel like life is too easy with perfect eyesight? Well, fret no more! I am here to guide you in damaging your precious eyeballs. With my step-by-step instructions, you can say goodbye to sharp colors and hello to blurriness. So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

Let’s talk about damage

First things first, before we dive into the fun part of damaging our eyes, let’s understand what can cause harm.

UV Rays: strong UV rays can burn the retina at the back of your eye which would lead to blurry or hazy vision. This mostly happens when looking directly at the sun without using proper eyewear protection.

Digital Eye Strain: excessive screen time where users read or watch from digital devices causing headaches, dryness or blurred vision due to lack of blinking usually happening by comfort because it feels they provide their entertainment while being sedentary an entire day long most cases we see that users did not follow ergonomic exercises for keeping fitness related issues on bay caused burnout.

Physical Injury: Suddenly jabbing objects towards our eyes will make us feel better about hurting ourselves physically but poking yourself regularly isn’t healthy either

Now that we know how harming our eyes works let’s dig deeper into each category individually.

Category 1: Let me stare at a bright light source

One thing humans love doing is dumb stuff even though they know it hurts them,let’s look at why staring at a bright light source works wonders i.e Like looking straight into the sun…yeah sure do that!/s

We all love enjoying nature but have we ever thought about taking it one step further? Just stare right into that flaming ball in the sky (commonly referred as The Sun) until everything gets blurry and semi-funky. Trust me, it’s an easy way to get that hazy image you always wanted.

Since we’re talking about bright lights, let’s also talk about kaleidoscopes or laser light shows etc- they are fabulously cool and will only make your life brighter – until they don’t anymore! Don’t forget: The key is to not use protective gears such as sunglasses.

Category 2: Digital Devices? Bring ‘em on!

Do you have a job and think people won’t respect if you don’t look busy while in reality there’s been nothing to do all day long? Well, good news for you then because by using electronic devices (computers/tablets/smartphones…etc), abusing them can cause eye problems such as digital eye strain making everything feel blurry due to excessive screens usage without proper breaks between the sessions.

Make yourself comfortable and keep those devices close for hours at a time with absolutely no breaks.. Just swipe every second of your waking moment scrolling through Instagram or watching cat videos on YouTube – this will achieve giving birth with pains being unlike anything which existed before it! Forgetting all ergonomic eyes exercises would help too but just remember…^_/s

Category 3: Let There Be Physical Injury

Are these other categories boring you? Do I hear someone say I want more pain in their most dramatic voice possible? Well we’ve got another category for our little adrenaline junkies out there. Physical injury definitely hurts even worse than squinting towards the sun and causing distortion in color range so why not give yourself some bruises around the area?

Presto chango go ahead clobber/jab/poke/twist/and generally mug your own eyeballs. Of course, violence against your body isn’t healthy or practical so please proceed with caution.

We hope physical assault against one’s own head doesn’t excite any individual into further hurting themselves but hey, it’s your life anyway!


Well, there you have it folks – a quick guide on how to damage those pretty windows of the human soul. But remember sometimes looking away from all the flashy screens and eyes optical illusions can be tiring too like that one time in history when we went out with friends instead of using technology Let’s not overdo anything as eyes are vital parts of our body and provide us with an incredible sensory experience every day!

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