How to cut skin tag at home?

Are you tired of those skin tags hanging out on your neck, armpits, or just wherever they please? Do you dread going to the doctor’s office and paying a hefty fee for something that can be done with a few household items? Well then my friend, you have come to the right place. In this guide we will take you through everything from determining whether it is safe to cut your skin tag at home all the way down to using some unusual yet effective methods.

Is It Safe To Cut Your Skin Tag At Home?

Before we dive deep into how to actually remove a skin tag let us first make sure it is indeed safe for you to do this. If your pesky little devil shows any signs of infection or bleeding then please dear god go seek professional help! If however, your persistent little growth isn’t showing these concerning signs there are still some things that need considering before cutting:

  • What tools will I use?
  • Am I familiar with proper wound care if things go wrong?
  • Are there any big blood vessels in close proximity?

If none of these questions set off alarms bells and imaginary sirens then proceed onwards champion!

Preparing For The Actual Procedure

Now that we have established safety protocols let us get straight into preparing our soon-to-be-gone friend. Here are some tips:

Cleanliness is Next To Godliness

First thing’s first folks – wash yo-self! That means scrubbing up under your fingernails and ensuring clean hands. Bacteria transferring from elsewhere could pose quite an issue during post-cut time. Additionally ensure both tool (s) used are sterilized by rubbing alcohol; most commonly used instruments include nail clippers or small scissors like embroidery ones.

Tool Pros Cons
Nail Clippers Inexpensive, can be found in your own bathroom Can crush skin tag causing inflammation and scarring
Embroidery Scissors Sharp pointy edges to enable precise cuts Expensive relative to other options

Location Location

Once you have meticulously scrubbed up on cleanliness, the next thing is ensuring that where the skin tag is yields itself to proper cutting. If it’s somewhere awkwardly shaped or difficult to reach (hey we ain’t judging!) it might not yield as well under knife.

Time To Say Goodbye

Now comes the fun part everyone! It is now time for us t o cut our way out of this mess. Take the sterilized nail clippers and/or scissors and gently clip at base trying desperately to avoid ‘milking’ (the act of inadvertently squeezing) any more blood vessels than necessary.

Psst! Quick tip! Be sure no matter which tool you decide: keep ~1mm space between gadget and body so as not to cause too much discomfort or irreparable damage.

If all goes smoothly then congratulations – job done like a true pro!

Our Work Here Is Done (For Now)

A few things worth remembering during post-cut season:

  • Cover with petroleum jelly/bandages initially
  • Keep wound covered until it seals over into an invisible scab
  • Know that if clipped skin tag does come back there isn’t really anything wrong with what you did previously

And there we go ladies, gents, robots – whatever rocks your boat everything from finding out whether it’s safe enough for you right down through choosing amongst our selection of useful instruments ending with some tips on how best tackle healing once all has been said and done.

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