How to cut braces wire without wire cutters?

Cutting braces wire at home

  • Clean the nail clipper. You must sterilize the nail clipper or scissors with antiseptic before inserting it in your mouth.
  • Hold the wire with hand or tissue paper. When you cut the wire, you must hold the wire with your opposite hand, otherwise, the cut part of the wire
  • Cut the poking wire with a nail clipper
  • What’s best cure for poking of the braces wire?

    Technique 5: Fixing poking wire with a braces pliers

  • Buy an orthodontic plier. First of all, you have a buy a perfect sized braces plier from a dental store.
  • Sterilize the plier. Use antiseptic to clean the braces plier.
  • Bend and tuck the wire back with braces plier.
  • What should you do if your braces wire came out?

    How to fix a popped out braces wire?

  • Bend wire by a tweezer. If you see the popped out wire is large, only putting wax over it won’t help you.
  • Use orthodontic wax. If the popped out portion of the wire is small, you can put some orthodontic wax over it.
  • Use a pen and pencil.
  • Cut wire with a wire clipper or fingernail clipper.
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    What to do with a poking wire on braces?

    What to do with a poking wire on braces? The easiest solution to a poking wire is to put it some orthodontic wax on top of it. As a result, the sharp edge of the wire can not hurt your cheek, gums, or back of the mouth. But, how to use the wax?

    What to do if you break your braces lace? You could also tuck the broken lace behind the arch wire or around the bracket. Use Some Wax: Your orthodontist probably gives you a new packet of wax each time you visit. Put a small ball of that wax on the end of the wire that’s poking you so you can get some relief from the pain without doing anything to compromise your braces.

    What to do if a wire pokes out of your mouth? You can always use a Q-tip or gauze to dry the area of the mouth so it’s not wet. Using only new, unused wax, roll a small piece of the wax into a ball about the size of a pea. Apply the wax to the dry area of the mouth where the wire is poking out or causing irritation.

    Why is the wire on my braces so long? With the very first wires used in orthodontic braces, the thin wire can shift to one side or the other. This makes the wire long on one side and starts to irritate the cheek tissue. In this situation, you need to cut the wire if you can. Or place cotton or wax on it.