How to cure strep throat without antibiotics?

Strep throat is a bummer. It’s painful, annoying and completely ruins your appetite for ice-cream (which is the worst). The good news? You don’t always need antibiotics to fight this infection! Here are some stellar ways to cure strep throat without that not-so-delicious medicine

First up: Learn Some Basic Hygiene Techniques

Infections thrive in unhygienic environments, so keeping a tidy household can help fend off dangerous bacteria…or obnoxious in-laws (but we’re talking microbiology here). Simple things like cleaning surfaces with disinfectant wipes and washing your hands regularly go a long way in reducing your chances of getting sick.

Pro Tip: Avoid germ-spreading high-fives after you sneeze into your hand.

Next up: Scary Spice Isn’t Just A Pop Star Anymore

Herbs and spices have been known to combat bugs since folks were cave-dwelling hooligans with only fire as protection from predators — so use them! Ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper (ouch!) and turmeric are just a few natural antibiotics you can use at home. Mix these herbs into hot tea or sprinkle them on top of food (hot wings anyone?), and voila! Sickness be gone!

Pro Tip: Try adding honey to teas or foods containing cayenne pepper; it’ll soothe sore throats AND keep away vampires (probably).

Soothing Salt Works Wonders

Salt water may not sound too appetizing but trust us when we say that gargling this magical solution does wonders for sore throats. The salt water helps reduce inflammation by drawing out moisture from swollen tissues while also killing bacteria as part of osmosis (fancy science word alert!)

Pro Tip: Don’t drink the saltwater, we repeat, do NOT drink the saltwater.

Vitamin C: More Than Just An Orange Fiasco

Some studies show that taking Vitamin C may help lessen the duration of cold and flu symptoms (including strep throat), or even ward off these infections altogether. Supplementation can be in the form of tablets, powders or high-dose liquids (cue emergency room visits) but there are also plenty of foods naturally rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits, kiwi and bell peppers (jazz hands for nutrition).

Pro Tip: See if your GP is on speed dial when you start to take mega doses…just to play it safe!

What Would Elle Woods Do? Try Aloe

Aloe vera juice!? Like seriously?? Oh yes! As well as being known for soothing burns from curling irons (ouch again!) aloe has amazing antibacterial properties too. This means that drinking this super-juice could potentially help badass Streptococcus foes crumble before they even get a chance to attack.

Pro Tip: Don’t just rely on an Aloe plant; find some organic, strained juice instead.


Strep throat can absolutely knock us down sometimes — at those times antibiotics might be helpful. However, sometimes our bodies don’t need more synthetic medications but rather— restorative touch via natural remedies. From mouthfuls of salt water to magical teas loaded with nature’s way of fighting bacteria and viruses— all these everyday ‘tools’ may keep out internal plumbing squeaky-clean.

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