How to cure hidradenitis?

Have you experienced the discomfort of hidradenitis? This condition causes painful bumps in your underarms, groin area, and other sensitive areas. It’s not a fun time. Fear not my friend, as I present to you this funny guide on how to cure hidradenitis!

What is Hidradenitis?

First things first, what is hidradenitis anyway? Let me break it down for you. This medical condition happens when hair follicles and sweat glands become clogged or inflamed. Sounds like a party in your body right? Wrong! Instead of sharing drinks with friends, these little bumps cause extreme discomfort.

Symptoms of Hidradenitis

If you think that everyone experiences the same symptoms for hidradentis then think again! Here are some common symptoms:

  • Painful lumps
  • Pimple-like bumps
  • Blackhead-looking markings
  • Tunnels formed underneath skin with pus
  • Sweat patches in unlikely places

Lifestyle Changes Are Your Friend

Making certain lifestyle changes can help clear up those pesky boils or reduce their frequency.

Dietary Changes

You are what you eat, so be sure to nosh on healthy food options such as fruits and veggies instead of fatty foods which exerts efforts from our digestive system resulting into more sweating that may lead to flareups of HS!

Keep Clean Always

One thing we all hate but should do anyway – showering regularly! Make sure your clothes stay clean too because let us be real here who wants pimples over their clothes?! Not ME!

Say Goodbye To Tight Clothing

Why suffer unnecessarily by wearing tight underwear/sport bras/shorts if there are alternatives available out-there, go grab one now!

Personal Hygiene

While personal hygiene won’t cure hidradenitis, it can definitely help you avoid the recurrence of flare-ups. Here are some golden rules to follow:

  • Wear loose clothes
  • Use anti-perspirant (this reduces sweating)
  • Keep sweat prone areas dry
  • Avoid hot showers

Treatment Options

While there’s no definitive cure for hidradenitis, lots of treatment options out there including medical and natural. Let’s discuss!

Medical Treatments

Dermatologists prescribe a range of treatments based on severity levels.


One common type for milder cases is antibiotics like clindamycin which works as an antibacterial agent in our body.


Corticosteroid injections for milder flareups reduce inflammation which means less pain and fewer issues caused by HS scars.


In extreme cases surgery may be referred either with draining/biopsies such as cutaneous laser ablation or excision of the lesion/angiolipoma if they get too painful!

Natural Remedies

Wait what? There are natural remedies available?! As they say some people want cucumbers sliced but pickled…we all have choices so we present few natural ones that comes inside your kitchen!

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has been commonly used in Australians since thousands years ago due to its antibacterial benefits.
Do not apply neat tea tree oil always mix it up with carrier oil such as almond oil etc..


Turmeric helps with acne..flu..inflammation..mmm perhaps this should become everyone’s fave spice?

So friends rather than hoarding medicines why not hit your local market looking out for these simple yet handy stuff..

Preventative Measures

If you’ve suffered from hidradenitis, then prevention isn’t just important–it’s essential. To prevent future flare-ups,you have to tweak certain habits or embrace a new lifestyle.

Natural Fabrics Only

Natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe which ultimately reduces sweating/flares

Reduce Stress

Stress is one ofour main enemies that cause these bumps on our body. So friend, chill out! Practice yoga/meditation or indulge in your favourite anime whatever makes you relax!


Skipped gym?! Don’t! Sweat helps discharge toxins and keeping it simply gets rid of sweat-prone areas.


Hidradenitis can be uncomfortable and painful but by following my funny guide above along with treatment options available from medical practitioners then we are confident that you will be able to reduce frequency of flare-ups for sure. Remember don’t let this condition take control of your life, own it today!

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