How to cure heavy periods?

Menstruation is a fact of life for those with female anatomy. Some women have periods which last anywhere from three to seven days and are light or medium in flow, while others may experience heavy bleeding, intense cramping and other debilitating symptoms during their menstrual cycle. If you’re one of the latter group, don’t despair! In this hilarious guide we will explore the best ways to cure heavy periods so that they no longer impact your day-to-day life.

What Are Heavy Periods?

Before delving into cures for heavy periods, let’s first define what exactly constitutes a heavy period. According to most medical professionals, heavy menstrual bleeding is classified as losing more than 80 milliliters (or about five tablespoons) per period.

Wondering if you fall under the category? Here are some signs that suggest you could be experiencing a heavier than usual flow:

  • Passing clots that can range from pea-size all the way up to golf-ball size
  • Having an abnormally large soak-your-pants situations or worse frequently throughout the day
  • Needing two pads at once just so there isn’t any overflow leading down your legs
  • Waking up several times during the night because of leakage-related anxiety
  • Staying home due random mishaps rather than risking it in public with multiple tampons providing questionable support

If one or more of these symptoms sounds familiar then keep reading because solutions do exist!

Causes Of Heavy Periods

One important step towards curing your HEAVY PERIODS (caps so everyone knows how serious it is) is understanding why they occur.
Some common reasons include:
1) Hormonal Imbalances – An imbalance between estrogen and progesterone levels can lead uterus growth which causes extra shedding i.e., increased blood loss.
2) Fibroids – These are benign uterine tumors that can lead to heavy blood loss.
3) Polyps – Abnormal cell overgrowth in the uterus that leads to heavy flow and again increased bleeding.
4) Endometriosis: A disorder where uterine lining grows outside of the uterus which causes additional thickening (and therefore more periodic massacre)

Each cause may require a different treatment, but regardless of the underlying factor(s), managing your situation is an important step towards achieving relief.

Home Remedies for Heavy Periods

Sometimes, all you need are some home remedies to manage and reduce symptoms. Here are few options:

1. Herbal Supplements

Many herbs have been used traditionally for menstrual-related pain management since ancient times. Evening Primrose Oil & Chaste tree berry both seem to be effective as they work vigorously on hormones levels within our body.

Staunchwort, though not well known, also possesses anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing woes

2. Heating Pads

A heating pad placed on your pelvis during those tough days helps with cramps by providing heat which relaxes tensed muscles so even if you “forgot” them earlier – stock up girls!

3. Hydration And Nutrition

Drinking water AND eating healthy will aid getting back into balance sooner rather than later . Be sure to get adequate iron-rich foods too!

Why? Iron deficiency tends results in weak appetite several nutrient deficiencies often resulting from heavy periods hamper eating habits drastically leading severe fatigue situations…nobody wants that- plus nobody wants nap stings either!

Make sure incorporating these easy remedies early-on prevent serious damage from occurring.

Medical Treatments For Heavy Periods

Sometimes home remedies don’t work or simply do not cut it–enter stage right medical treatments for heavy periods.
Since there is no one size fits all solution; here are a few common treatment options worth exploring:

Hormonal contraceptives

Oral contraceptives that control estrogen levels can have a significant impact on heavy periods. So, if your problem is an imbalance of hormones then this may be the right way to go.

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

A minimally invasive procedure in which the blood supply of fibroids is cut off by tiny particles injected into germs that result as ‘mass’ formation – shrinking it until weaning size to become less problematic during periodic cycles reducing pain and flow significantly.

Endometrial Ablation

This treatment method involves removing or destroying layers of uterus where menstruation bleeding appears from endometrium using tools such as radiofrequency energy (heat so basically a laser vibrator) microwave or some other form heating applicator treat inner walls. Less lining gives reduced shedding overall making for a kinder, less bloody experience–win-win all around!

Surgical Solutions For Heavy Periods

When medical treatments are deemed ineffective many doctors rely on surgical options:


MOST extreme solution indeed; but works like a charm as it’s plenty effective whereby eliminating monthly shaking experiences with period pals altogether! However not preferred for most women because well…that’s obvious..


The above cures/treatments might differ yet each one goes about ‘endgame’ differently depending upon need — All you require deciding which approach resonates better within your body.

In conclusion , there are endless solutions when seeking ways towards curing HEAVY PERIODS (caps again). Remember guys DON’T BE EMBARRASSED; prioritize listening to what feels best for yourself/belongings instead rather than hush-hushing through quiet corners in drugstores—because let’s face it-no one looks good clutching menstrual pads awkwardly no matter who bold they claim themselves to be!

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