How to cure hearing loss by yoga?

Do you want to hear every chirping sound of birds, the music of your favorite instruments or the laughter of your loved ones? But are you losing this gift gradually with age, noise pollution, or other reasons? Well, don’t get disheartened just yet. There is good news for you. Yoga might help!

That’s right! No surgeries and no hearing aids required. Just by practicing yoga regularly following some specific asanas, you may improve your hearing.

Before we delve into how yoga can cure hearing loss let us first understand what causes it.

Hearing loss can happen due to various reasons such as exposure to loud sounds (occupational hazards), aging, genetic factors,some underlying disease conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes which affect our sensory organs including ears leading to difficulty in understanding speech and sounds that one could easily comprehend earlier.

Now that we know a little bit about the causelet’s jump on the healing process through Yoga practices.

Asanas or postures practiced during Yoga have been proven effective in treating ailments related to different parts of our body including ears.
There are certain poses designed specifically to improve ear functioning indirectly improving our abilityto hear better
Here are some simple steps you need to follow while doing these:
– Make sure all sessions should be done under proper supervision
– Try each posture step-by-step without rushing because wrong poses often lead to injurious results.

The Cobra Pose(Bhujangasana)

This pose focuses mainly on throat space between upper cervical vertebrae making way for clean air outflow from nostrils made more conducive toward increased oxygen level thereby stimulating ear nerves helping suffice peripheral sound signals correctly via auditory canal lowering undesired external noise influences penetrating Eardrum


1.Lie down facing downwards keeping palms close adjacent shoulder inches away from ribs
2.Inhale while raising hips and tucking elbows to shoulder blades pushing chest outwards.
3.Exhaling straighten up like a cobra

The Fish Pose(Matsyasana)

This asana works primarily on opening the throat, neck, and head muscles by improving blood circulation around the ear regions


1.Lie flat with legs crossed in a lotus or half-lotus position.
2.Raise your upper body keeping your head touching floor forming an arch shape at back
3.Remain in this pose for 20-30 seconds breathing normally.

Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This yoga posture is great for enhancing blood flow throughout the entire system which indirectly increases oxygen supply via bloodstream toward auditory nerve functions ensuring better hearing reception abilities


1.Start on all fours with palms underneath shoulders and knees hip-width apart. Spread fingers wide then lift belly button up into spine creating an inverted V-shape through tailbone aimed towards sky holding it comfortably.

Pranayama or the art of controlling breath( prana) can also be beneficial in treating hearing loss; focus remains mainly de-stressed heart rate allowing easy control over blocking daily noise interferences reducing exposure via increasing attention span perception to detail thereby activating vigilance neuron releases providing clearing brain spaces cleaning Pathways leading enhanced sound interface stabilization more accurately finely tuned trajectories disregarding unwanted background noises Let’s explore two natural but effective types of exercise within this realm:

Inhale abundant oxygen exhaling hum sounds louder operating resonance directly enabling sensory eardrums.


1.Sit erect with eyes closed,fingers pressed softly against respective ears
2.Inflammate lungs inhale slowly feeling stomach muscles stretch-uponce reach maximum point.
3. Hold breath for 5 seconds.
4.Exhale slowly humming like bees.

Kapalabhati involves forceful exhalation(throwing body toxins out), thereby enhancing overall breathing capacity by freeing up nasal passages, lungs etc providing holistic well-being to the sensory organs especially such as ears.


1.Sit straight both legs crossed with palms placed on knees comfortably
2.Inhaling deeply through nostrils filling stomach muscles upto collar bones
3.Focus solely on outside noise giving exhales forcingly throwing harmful air from lungs via quick contractions inside the system feeling core muscles relax softening all stresses doing around three sets repeating alternatively in 15-20 second intervals

Yoga incorporates harmonizing mind and body together balancing it emotionally physically spiritually. By practicing these Yoga asanas regularly matched equally with healthy lifestyle habits not just treating hearing loss but brighten lives fulfilling sound experiences catch your favorite tunes more crisply rejoicing regular noises without hiccups restoring lost glory of life following natural patterns we are born into living longer healthier happier did you say Who does not want that? So put headphones down roll out mats turning yogicons for life!