How to cure gray toenails?

Are you tired of gray toenails ruining the beauty of your feet? Do they look like tiny storm clouds on your otherwise sunny disposition? Fear not, my friend. We’ve got all sorts of solutions that will make those toes as pretty as a freshly painted picket fence.

Understanding Gray Toenails

Before we can cure something, we must first understand it. Unlike other nail colors like red, black, and purple which are often results of trauma or something an emo teenager would do just for the heck of it, gray toenail is often caused by fungal infections.
These little buggers love dark and moist places- and what’s better than between our toes! So just because you’re thoroughly washing them doesn’t mean fungus won’t decide to visit once in a while; even without being invited!

Is there any relief for this issue that plays footsie with us?

Wearing Open-Toed Shoes

OK ladies (and gents who enjoy painting their nails), I hear howls complaining about open-toed shoes regardless if they have beautiful nails or grey ones. Hipster sandals or flip flops allow air to circulate around your feet – this cuts down on fungus thriving dank environment making quicksand outta’ ya’moisture filled habitat.

If you already have grey toenails don’t try to cover them up using socks thinking they’ll ‘suffocate’ off since fungi might continue marshalling troops under these circumstances producing yet another bruised milieu.

So after indulging in toeless sunshine bliss at least 60% percent time leaving in closed footwear really matters folks!

PRO TIP: If going cold turkey from sneakers makes you shiver then invest shoe accessories deodorizing inserts are lifesavers plus keep hats on tight when coming face to face with sweat lords(AKA Bactieria)

Vinegar Bath Technique

Our next technique involves an item in your kitchen pantry, white vinegar. This low-cost product contains acid that makes it perfect for wiping out foot fungus.

  1. Fill a small tub or bucket (though kiddie pool you pick up on clearance would make this even more fun) with one part white vinegar to two parts warm water.
  2. Soak your feet in the solution for about 20-30 minutes every day.
  3. Rinse them off and dry thoroughly.

Over time, the acidic nature of the vinegar will help banish those pesky grey toenails while letting using no prescriptions!

Warning: If you have grazed skin around toes; consider trying other solutions since sudden sting from acidic surface could induce struggle city population: Your Feet

Tea Tree Oil Topical Ointment

For centuries, tea tree oil has been used to kill bacteria and fungi – which obviously means it must work, right? You’re not going to drink this stuff unless you want some weird taste in your mouth but its oil when mixed with coconut oil can fight that zaftig fungal growth easily settling into toenail beds.Great news is unlike people; fungi don’t mutate so good ol’tea-tree relief stays timeless circa BC!

  1. Get pure tea tree essential oil spend extra cash getting quality ones packed lock stock of active ingredients four drops of said Tea Tree essence & mix crude coconut lubricant(masking scent as well)
    3.Use cotton-swab applicator or brush if available(don’t get too wild Cinderella)
    4.Apply delicately onto affected area

Use twice per day until improvement -but remember moderation because more frequent excess use might lead to peeled rash due metal component’scoating bottom part quality mixing will avoid these chagrins.

PRO TIP: Shower first then blast cold air over toes for a minute after lathering ointment allowing pores close trapping medication better.

Over-The-Counter Products

If in case vinegar or tea tree oils just not your thing, maybe try over-the-counter topical creams that can help get rid of toenail fungus like any other products. These are great for those who aren’t much into the whole herbal/organic scene as they contain active ingredients that work at numbing infection and tapping counterattack-mode against fungi.

  1. Get ready-use all-in one yeast-nixing cream from chemists’ shelf
    2.coat hearty layer under each nail before rested & covered (avoiding spreading fluid)
    3.Clean every day making sure area is bone-dry

Note: It could take a few attempts to reverse fungal scourge after donning shoes regularly however don’t expect overnight improvements(Consistency pays dividends).

Watch out-of brand knockoffs -triphenylphosphineoxide’s absence means 4th failure story-time folks beware!

PRO TIP: Wear comfy socks throughout treatment avoid non-breathable pairs in order aid clearing process

Laser Therapy

Plainly reading this suggestion might cause some brow-lifting – laser therapy ? While it may sound fancy and expensive, in truth an anti-fungal technique based on ultraviolet light isn’t too bad! This method works on different levels than other home remedies lacking serious side effects.

The device uses simple process once placed onto affected region; low-powered beams fight malady-causing organism which latter surrenders saving you from chain reaction spread jeopardizing more toes hosting.

Laser care doesn’t happen instantaneously taking up about twenty minutes per session dividing spaced a week apart.Luckily there is no downtime post-treatment!

Minimum of three sessions needed depending degree damage caused by fungus invasion raged size-sensing job done within five scheduled “doctor do my nails” appointments including pre/post scan depending how agile ye clinic is.

Warning: For Sensitive people wax yellow helmet provided for secure eyes from high-powered laser stashed by seasoned staff during your laser time.

Homemade Remedy: Baking soda, Citrus Extract and Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Don’t want to run out? Fear not! We’ve got this simple home remedy you can whip up in your kitchen any time emergency pops up like an unwanted guest!

  1. Mix about 1 cup of baking soda and a few squeezes’ worths of extract lemon juice with sufficient cold H20 creating grainy
    2.Use this creation on nails making sure every part covered except skin robbing moisture
    3.How long does it take? Overnight preferably
    4.Let rinse piping hot H2O along early mornings after performing the previous steps

Simple ingredients makes simple procedure but unsung Hero here is peroxide as it cuts into already infected sections rectifying ain’t great-lookin’pigmentation avoiding frustrations caused slogging through stores ‘bout doesn’t work or “it just happened again” .
Our grade-A graded solution defuses pain below $5 yielding promising results being budget-friendly winners providing comfort ;So follow this bread&butter chant bye-bye fungus

Prevention Is Better Than Cure To Grey Toenails

As we stated at the beginning prevention is better than cure! Don’t wait until you get grey toenails before embarking on a journey proper foot hygiene – because let’s be honest no one wants to wave their feet proudly exposing ash-colored toenail only heard stories how chlorine whitens them which virtually leads waiting till summer kinda lame , amirite?

But following some basic habits will help ensure that those storm clouds never darken your toes:

  • Wash your feet thoroughly every day using mild soap
  • Dry them completely, especially between the toes
  • Apply either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on feet before bedtime and swift cool spritz of water evades your feet from getting revenge in case a sting is hiding
  • Practice healthy habits such as using clean shoes and socks, alternating footwear daily, regular pedicures
  • Don’t share towels or socks with people who have toenail fungus

By maintaining simple yet constructive habits its one step ahead of curative actions helping keep you confident showcasing your feet&prepares next week’s pool party 😉


Grey toenails can be quite embarrassing if left untreated. However, there are many solutions to help cure them naturally without expensive drugs!!! And remember prevention is key here: following basic hygiene practices will minimize the chances of developing grey toenails at all! We hope this article has helped, but leave no excuses or can’t-can-nots when it comes to our health , let us take care what’s ours – our beloved toes!

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