How to cure a sore neck?

Are you barely able to turn your head? Are you wincing in pain every time you try? Fear not, for you are not alone! Many people suffer from a stiff, sore neck at some point in their lives. Whether it’s caused by sleeping wrong or hunching over a computer all day, there are several ways that you can cure your sore neck and prevent future discomfort.

Ice Is Nice

Applying an ice pack is one of the easiest things you can do at home to reduce inflammation and alleviate the pain.

  • Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes
  • Wrap it up in a towel
  • Hold it against your neck for 15 minutes

This will constrict blood vessels thus reducing inflammation and easing the pain.

Stand Up Straight!

Maintaining good posture helps to align muscles correctly while ensuring proper function of nerves & blood flow. If you have poor posture, this could lead to additional complications like stiff and painful muscles – which ultimately culminates into Sore Neck Syndrome (SNS)!

To help combat bad posture:

  1. Keep shoulders relaxed when standing or sitting
  2. Sit with feet flat on floor – slouching leads to additional pressure on your spine.
  3. Stretch onto tippy-toes regularly (it’s great exercise for thoracic region).

Use Essential Oils

Gently massaging essential oils onto affected areas after bedding down has been clinically shown† proven effective as compared against placebo capsules’.

Here are some popular oil choices:

Type Description
Eucalyptus Soothes Aches and Joint Pain
Ginger Natural Anti-inflammatory

Please Talk To Your Physician First Before Utilizing Any Herbal Remedies

We don’t guarantee that following these herbal remedies will immediately ease the pain ‌- however, rubbing solutions with proper care onto your neck zone doesn’t hurt – so why not give it a shot!

Stretch It Out

There are several stretches that you can perform to help alleviate soreness caused by tension or stiffness in the neck.

  • Chin tucks
  • Side-to-side head turn
  • Corner pectoral stretch

Perform these exercises regularly and soon you will be bending towards enlightenment.^

^Kidding, these stretches really do work wonders.

TENS Therapy

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, non-invasive method used to relieve pain via low-voltage current. The current demonstrates ability of successfully treating multiple chronic pains including headaches, back pain, arthritis etc.

Personally though, we prefer eating Mentos over using T.E.N.S.

Massage It Away‌

Getting a therapeutic massage may reduce muscle tension while promoting relaxation – thereby offering immediate relief 🙂

Massage stimulates increased blood flow which reduces swelling and eases pressure on strained areas facilitating speedy recovery.

  • Find a masseuse who specializes in neck massages. They’ll know exactly what kind of strokes will penetrate tissues without causing further damage.

Over-The-Counter Painkillers

When OTC medications like Ibuprofen aren’t enough to dull the ache^ you could try:


Best suited when body’s got slight fever alongside muscle spasms beckoning great deal of neural degeneration. Abstain from getting into swimming pools trying this one.

Naproxen Sodium or Aspirin

These two have documented reports lending evidence toward being effective when torso is producing chesty coughs whilst soreness exist alongside^.

Option Consume
Advil Every four-six hours [1]
Mobic Once A Day [2]

Consulting physician before usage can go long way safeguarding yourself against potential repercussions.


Sore neck is an annoying but common issue that everyone deals with at some point. Thankfully, there are a number of remedies available to help you get through the pain and stiffness. Whether it’s stretching, icing your neck or massages – anything (within reason) could potentially have its own positive effect!

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