How to crack lower back near tailbone?

Have you ever felt your lower back tensed up after a long day of sitting or standing? If yes, then you are not alone. In fact, most adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lives. The good news is that there is a way to relieve this discomfort- cracking your lower back near the tailbone!

Yes, it might sound scary but cracking your lower back safely and correctly can help alleviate the tension built up over time. This article will take you through everything you need to know about cracking your lower back near the tailbone.

What Does Cracking Mean?

When we talk about cracking our joints, we mean manipulating them into producing audible popping sounds. For those who have never cracked any joint in their body before may find it weird but trust me; once you hear the sound for yourself may become fascinated with it too!

It’s like an invisible orchestra playing just for us! (well maybe not as beautiful) But hey! We gotta enjoy what life gives us!

Why Should I Crack my Back?

Cracking your lower back can provide several benefits such as:

  • Relief from muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Improved mobility
  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • Decreased stress levels

Therefore if these goodies above tickle are resonate with – stick around!!

But hold on doctors do NOT recommend twisting or “cracking” necks, backs, or anywhere other than fingers actually due to various health risks attached , so please enlist caution !

Precautions To Take Before You Start

Before deciding on how exactly should one crack his/her own important backbone here are things ,here’s what certain precautions wshould be considered:

Stretch First
Whatever movement one’s exercising… Always always first warmup right!? Just as a sprinter would painfully avoid hamstring cramps coming out of the line – warming up can prevent any noxious injuries too. S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G!

No Injuries
If you have suffered an injury in your lower back, go see a doctor before attempting to crack it.

Consent of Spine Specialist!
Ask your chiropractor for advice on cracking your lower back. Because everyone’s body/human suit is different therefore consulting first would ensure fluent workflow mechanics!!!;)

How To Crack Your Lower Back near Tailbone

So now that we’ve covered the precautions let’s get right into how to crack our lower back near tailbone region:

1- Seated Twist

Sit down on a comfortable surface with both legs crossed and feet planted firmly on the ground. Place one hand behind your spine and wrap around opposite thigh holding onto knee or as close to it as possible gently rotate trunk allowing their head/neck move along with torso.

Tip: if not twisting far enough may place arm straightened out toward wall at chest height using shoulder muscles create additional leverage which builds tension great for cracking loudness

2- Cat/Cow Stretch

Begin by positioning yourself on all fours, making sure you are properly aligned with hands directly under (shoulders) & knees stacked under hips’ upper joint/blind spot . Start hunched forward while exhaling slowly then reverse outward curve while deeply breathing so that upper spine/head curves towards ceiling during inhale till fully relaxed .

As time progresses begin rotating pelvis below reflect same movement above(complete figure ‘8’) even deeper til relief felt by cracks popping

3- Cobra Stretch/Bhujangasana Series

Lie flat face-down with arms bent elbows placed beside ribs engage toes press top feet down Gently start lifting chest away from floor looking upward through palms fore-head tilted slightly upwards so chin parallel wthe earth ,keep engaging core erecting posture further until press into palms and lift more chest til clicking sensation heard.

TIP: As breath rhythm improves – hands can move progressively closer to hips or next to forward pointing feet for additional leverage increasing amplitude of sound released.

4- Pelvic Tilt Stretch Exercise

Position yourself lying flat on back with elbows supporting body/extended away from sides parallel so forearm angles at a perfect 90 degrees attune head comfortably too. Draw knees towards shoulders until hold firmly in clasp interlocking fingers/tops of ankles slowly start pulling knees closer into chest area while exhaling deeply.

Tip: Gently start rocking back and forth rolling over pelvic region apply pressure discursively this way cracks gradually get louder

Additional Tips

  • Go slow
    Do not rush; Do not try to crack your lower back near tailbone forcefully without being gentle first, taking time patiently work it instead. Trying more aggressively might lead overstress the site resulting unwarranted serious health issues

  • Breathe in Properly
    Before holding any pose, take deep breathes allow enough oxygen inflow relaxes tissue increases blood flow consequently making joint mobility easy allowing relaxed backbone processes

  • Listen To Your Body
    If you experience any discomfort during the stretches outlined above kindly avoid repeating them rather seek professional diagnosis attention if they persist.

And there you have it! A comprehensive guide on how to crack your lower back near tailbone safely!

As earlier mentioned always exercise caution when attempting these procedures & remember, cracking is only effective when properly done relieving pain tension restoring peace & blissful feelings once again!

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