How to cover a lip piercing?

Ah, the beauty of facial piercings! They can make you feel edgy, unique and every bit as cool as you always wished to be. The only downside? Parents consider them a sign of teenage rebellion and pouty lips staring back at you in the mirror after realizing that keeping your love for lip piercing hidden from your boss is all too real. Worry not, dear readers – we’ve got just what you need to keep those pesky authorities off your precious mods without letting go of style!


Fretting over how to hide an object embedded through flesh is not something to be ashamed about. It’s a rite-of-passage experience that everyone who dabbles with body art has to face sooner or later. To spare our fellow pierced individuals the agony of trial-and-error while trying different techniques (more often than not ending up failing horrendously), we have compiled some tried-and-tested tricks guaranteed never to let anyone know about your rebellious streak.

1) Hide Your Lip Piercing With Jewelry Selection

Choose wisely when it comes down to adornments for covering up modifications on visible areas on the body / any modification which needs concealing but cannot stay hidden indefinitely/ For these situations, choosing jewelry pieces designed specifically for this sole purpose are lifesavers! Look out for horseshoe barbells with perfectly-sized dimpled-ends that sit nicely against the inside wall making sure no irritating edges show themselves at inappropriate times.

Remember: Choose jewelry options that are skin-friendly material

Never underestimate good quality over affordability because there are instances when going low-budget means compromising sensitive skin causing allergic reactions leading again (!)to awkward explanations at home or work. Titanium grade , gold low sensitivity compounds like niobium etcetera will give peace-of-mind so worth investing in considering long-term benefits.

2) The Famed Lip-Disguise

A tried and tested trick always resorted to would be heavy-duty cosmetics for lip coverage that can hide the markings left by piercings beneath skin / mask them well in office environments. But have you ever considered a disclaimer is needed if used? (!)This method is attempted only when other bullet points are not feasible ahead of last-resort option.

1) Pre-groom your lips, picking a suitable shade within neutral-to-your-tone range
2) Add flocked powder on top pre-lip color primer/liquid/cream.
3) Apply lipstick again-and-again until achieving original glossy finish causing ink to blend resultant of piercing marks vanishing “color shades seamlessly.
4.) Pairing these simple makeup steps with certain jewelry options will leave even those closest to you never guessing about alteration done!

3) Choose Your Hairstyle Using Piercing As Inspiration

Hair fashion serendipitously complements facial modifications like jewellery choice matching outfit selection without seeming too over-the-top! Picking an updo hair style cleverly peppered with small claws, snaps or barrettes might just catch someone’s eye away from what they could pick out as avoidance strategy (aka hiding nose rings 😉).

The grandness of this tip doesn’t stop here! For all genders, both short and long hairstyles utilize &aether;braiding techniques&aether; by placing chains around head flowing through locks camouflages the most visible areas especially useful in workplace meetings – it’ll create some unnecessary appreciation❗️

Pro-Tip: Do workouts putting extra emphasis on neck muscles which complement hairstyle choices concealing alterations thereby giving more confidence 😎

4 ) Glitter And Sparkles: A Fun Way To Conceal It All!

Dazzle some unsuspecting eyes with dazzling glittery products whether its body oil sprays , sparkling dust or lip glows to instantly shift focus and gain all the limelight without breaking any dress codes.

By hiding your piercing, you’re not letting go of your unique personality , merely making a stylistic choice that suits every occasion whether formal or casual. Remember &aether;”the art exists in secrecy&aether;, it’s what makes appreciation and thought put into modifications truly remarkable”.

TADA!! Fleeting moments over, let’s get back to our mask on for some more control! Legrand finale coming up 🎉 …

5) Workaround-Creative Mask Selection

This blog has had its fun mentions but settling now with a most practical and trending solution during these times (❗️cov., pandemics everything makes us proactive after all)! Masks have gained significant popularity as wardrobe accessories.The benefits of covering face extend beyond concealing piercings – providing privacy (1) from pesky paparazzi or nosy neighbors😂

Not just plain-jane masks though – there is an array of options like –

  • Velcro-mask
  • Surgical-masks
  • Fabric-designs
  • Even personalised-patterns are available online! 👻

• Rock the velcro-mode when looking to create adjustable comfort.
• Forgo choosing overly clinical surgical-esque styles– they scream professional which works only for work-hours
(and people who love mundane design choices)!
• Add quirk by opting ~psychedelic~ fabric-design combinations appeasing eyes drawn towards
vibrant hues/patterns revealing confident style expression!

Et voila, change-up possibilities seem endless thanks to inventiveness derived in sticking around until last paragraph🎖️ Rest assured no challenge immune first time round once equipped with newfound wisdom imparted – even professed pierce experts guaranteed learning something new!

So bask under piercing spotlight: gleam by style compliments – without the need to accept that these “tiny bandages” are an incorrect life choice.

Our satisfied readers can testify – for those few moments spent figuring out masking tips, rewards far outweigh any stigma attached with body modifications ❤️

(1) Note: The mask has no medical claims implied herein. It’s a non-branded item meant only for novelties/showcase purposes (like concealment of piercings).