How to cover a bruise on your face?

Have you ever found yourself with an unexpected bruise on your face from, I don’t know, maybe falling off the treadmill in front of the entire gym? It happens to the best of us. Luckily, covering up a facial bruise is totally doable! Here are some tips and tricks:

Step 1: Ice that sucker!

Before even thinking about concealing your bruise, it’s important to reduce any swelling. Apply an ice pack or cold compress for 15-20 minutes at a time throughout the day until the swelling subsides.

Pro tip: Frozen peas work great as a makeshift ice pack if you don’t have one handy!

Step 2: Moisturize like there’s no tomorrow

Healthy skin is happy skin! Before applying makeup or concealer to cover up your injury-induced discoloration, make sure your skin is moisturized and ready for war.

Bonus points: Use an oil-free moisturizer since oil-based products can break down makeup overtime.

Types of Makeup & Concealers

When it comes to choosing which product(s) will get rid of that pesky black eye (no pun intended), not all concealers are created equal (trust me). Different formulas are ideal for different types of bruises. Below are my top picks:

  • Color Correctors
    If the bruise still has remnants of redness or purplish-blue hues consider using color corrector before foundation application.

    • Green: The opposite color on the color wheel from red making it perfect for reducing any pink/redness associated with most bruises.
  • Yellow/Lavender:- These shades work against bluish/purple tones commonly seen post-injury
  • Orange/peach :- Best suited against blue/green undertones

Fun Fact: “GREEN” was used by ancient civilizations such as Egyptians effectively disguising bumps and scrapes. Even then, they knew the color enmity theory.

  • Full-Coverage Concealer
    Ideal for bruises with a heavier discoloration or those that are more recent
  • Layering & Mixing Because every injury is different, it’s worth considering playing around with mixing different tones and types of concealers to create your perfect custom cocktail

Step 3: Apply your foundation (if needed)

If you opt for the full-coverage concealer route (my go-to) you may not need as much foundation application but if you prefer lighter coverage – get moving!

Pro tip: Mix some moisturizer to influence the texture of heavy-duty products

Step 4: Blend blend baby!

While blending may seem mundane, doing so gently can mean a world of difference when it comes to achieving an even skin tone. The goal? A natural look. Use brushes or sponges like beauty blenders.

Hacks we’ve found online… Totally Unverified 🙂

  1. [Stippling brush] Try pushing a stippling brush against all angles taking small dips each time until the pigment becomes opaque over naturally flushing areas.
  2. [Thermal Water] Some swear Misting thermal water before any makeup really helps settle down irritated skin
    3.[ Skip powder altogether ] To avoid looking dull particularly during colder weather use setting sprays instead which seal in moisture and act almost like blotting paper

Step 5: Continue wearing matchbox cars on your head until completely healed 🚗

In all seriousness though people – If covering isn’t realistic then work it! Ain’t nothing cooler than an actual badge-of-honour bruise –bar sports players who trust me pay good money to obtain them.

Bonus Round

Some extra tips to consider:

  • Opt out table salt/sodium-filled foods temporarily since they promote swelling
  • Invest in pimple patches, particularly the hydrocolloid variety which work wonders drawing fluid out of raised areas.
  • Change your lifestyle? Just kidding…but actually sleeping propped up with an extra pillow can help minimize any possible nocturnal puffiness.

Food for thought: Close to 44 million soccer/football injuries are recorded annually – imagine if every one of them players had to go around covering up their bruises – quite ridiculous no?

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on how to expertly cover a facial bruise, it’s time to put those skills into practice! Remember, at the end of the day: love your face and wear it proudly, no matter what kind of bumps or bruises may come your way 💪

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