How to cover a bruise on cheek?

Nothing can be more annoying than seeing an unsightly bruise smack dab in the middle of your cheek. Sure, you might have got it from fighting off ninjas or someone just handed you their Elbow sandwich accidentally – either way, covering it up is essential. You don’t want anyone thinking that maybe you lost your daily battle with gravity and face-planted into the pavement.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this guide, we’ll break down everything about how to cover that unwanted mark and ensure no one’s wiser.

Necessary Items

Before we dive headlong into ‘how-to’s’ let’s go through some vital things that would come handy later:

  1. Liquid Concealer
  2. Color-Correcting Primer
  3. Foundation matching ​skin tone
  4. Sponge /brush
    5.Warm Water and Towel Clean:
    6.Finisher Makeup Spray.

Grab all these items before settling in for a journey of erasing reality as we know it!

Turtle Defense Position

Alright time for some honesty – bruises are embarrassing! At times like this assuming the Turtle Defense position can make us disappear magically- however this isn’t going to help the situation at hand here (by which I mean our cheeks). First things first: Before attempting any makeup prodigy trickery make sure that any swelling has subsided by holding a warm washcloth against the affected area so you won’t end up looking like Droopy dog but instead lightly pinked if anything*. Done? Then let’s begin.

The Way We Do It

The key is finding products similar in tone to match yours; if unsure having samples dismissed till perfection would be ideal because nobody wants to look like those pale geishas except they’re not getting paid doing nothing.
But still continue with a light hand, remember you can always add more but removing takes some heavy lifting. But I kid! Now onto the products!

Primer Selection

Prepare yourself for foundation application by starting with an orange corrector primer that will cancel out the purplish discoloration of the bruise. It’s called color correction, baby.

Color choice:

The way to look at it is that opposite colors balance each other out; oranges or yellows counteract purple hues while greens do so for redness hint (useful when tackling hickies too!). A pea-sized amount gently dabbed directly on to affected area and time rested makes alluring things come together.

Expert Hand Holding Tip

– If redding appears after applying orange just go back over it with some green-onion in between chocolate covered strawberries,, within moments those two beautiful colors should have cleared your situation right up.

Foundation Application

Apply matching shade foundation (unless you want people thinking space mafia was messing around) and using a sponge/ brush lightly blend your way around affected areas rather than straight onto them.This helps because we are aiming for nuance here, not camouflage – which only works if there are guns involved-*- . The goal is to be subtle yet put-together like someone who knows LinkedIn inside out

Concealer Coverage

Now let us take our Liquid foundry concealer brush duo thingy ready and fill in until blended with surrounding zone forget about Heinz family history alright?- looks much better doesn’t it? You did well young Padawan!

Affordable Alternatives

So what happens when these expensive cosmetics are just too cash consuming? Life does happen: cats destroy furniture, bears picnic off your trash cans etc.! There are cheaper alternatives that would still set you on course:

  1. BB Cream
  2. Pressed Face Powder
    3.Concealer stick.

But if all fails it’s always possible to conjure up the classic potato paste or even a spoon chilled in water helps when left resting against affected area, although change for freshness (obviously)

Final Steps

Remember how much fun we had and ‘risk’ less content-bearing is there when applying comic-book level bruise concealment techniques? Mugshots don’t lie!.

The difference with us though is that unlike superheroes, who pretty much have ‘bruise-concealing-powers’ by virtue of their alter egos, we only got these fine techniques. Finish it off properly with finishing spray making sure everything matches together and voila! – YOU DID IT!


I hope this guide has been helpful on your quest for flawless cheek beauty – remember that anything’s possible if you give it enough elbow grease.,) Let’s be convenient people: Wear pants instead of a towel because no one wants to see unsightly bits flopping around. You never know how many selfie opps are lurking around the corner – make sure they see only glamour.


*What did Droopy dog say again?

*- Don’t try this at home kids.

*) We promise not burnish bronze so hard in our future apologies….or do we?

**Expert Hand Holding Tip

_) This should be common sense by now shouldn’t it?

Now without delay let’s get right into the process(and you thought sleep was kept aside)! Remember patience does wonders- Good Luck!

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