How to correct bleached orange hair?

Are you tired of looking like a carrot or a traffic cone? Did your hair transformation go from blonde bombshell to orange disaster? Fear not, my friend! In this article, we’ll be discussing some natural remedies and tips that can help you correct bleached orange hair.

Understanding the Cause of Orange Hair

Before we dive into how to fix it, let’s first understand why your hair turned orange in the first place. When you bleach your hair, the goal is to strip away its natural pigment (melanin) and lighten it up. However, sometimes the process doesn’t go as planned and instead of achieving a beautiful shade of blonde, you end up with brassy or orange tones.

This occurs when not enough pigment is removed during the bleaching process or if there are underlying pigments (like red or yellow) in your hair that intensify after being lightened. Hard water (water with high mineral content), chlorine from swimming pools or showering without a filter can also make your hair turn orange or yellow over time.

Home Remedies for Fixing Orange Hair

So now that we know what causes our unwanted carrot top look let’s see how we can reverse it using readily available items in our household.

1. Vinegar rinse

Vinegar works wonders on removing hard water stains on glassware but did you know what an excellent product it also makes for fixing discolored strands? Mix one part apple cider vinegar (“ACV” for short) with two parts distilled water , pour solution over damp freshly washed locks leaving on head for about ten minutes before rinsing off with cold water.
ACV has acidic properties which helps neutralize any unwanted brassiness by cutting through build-up products such as pink/silver toners which only mask; they don’t remove base color pigments altogether like vinegar does.

2. Baking soda Treatment

For the not queasy or sensitive type of hair, baking soda can remedy discoloration effectively as well. Mix equal parts of baking soda and shampoo together after washing your hair with normal shampoo squeeze mixture onto scalp massaging in for a minute before rinsing off.
Baking soda is an alkaline substance which helps to remove buildup on strands giving it a clean slate upon toning those unwanted orange bits away faster.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide & Baking Soda

This combo works only if you have pale yellow base color- mix two tablespoons of peroxide with one cup of water add three tablespoons of baking powder making applying paste mixture manually to areas needing brightening up then let sit till dry (estimating twenty minutes depending on porosity). Rinse when all powdery residues gone

Toning Your Hair

Once you’ve stripped out the brass from your mane, it’s time to apply toner—a specially formulated dye that cancels out unwanted pigment and adds desired tones back into hair.

When picking our perfect shade, we need first look at opposite sides colors chart:

Unwanted Color Desired Result
Orange-yellow Blue
Red-orange Green/blue
Yellow Purple

To get rid of brassy ends; select blue-based tinted dyes such as ones denoted by “ash” hue — this will neutralize the reddish orangey portion while cooling down warmer tones like yellow shades found in many blonde hues.

Note: Be wary about leaving too much pigmented product sitting long periods times because overtone occurs making things worse than before self-help intervention done

How-to apply:

Now taking general steps on how to apply toner:

  1. Put gloves (thin vinyl) don’t forget oversize tee shirt!!
  2. Section freshly washed damp hair massaging product evenly through locks spreading comb or fingers throughout until evenly distributed
  3. Wait during specified period before rinsing ion out completely (read instructions – times will vary)
  4. Don’t forget to use conditioner makes texture silkier
  5. Once hair is soft and silky, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Going Forward

So there you have it — some natural home remedies you can try on your own to fix bleached orange hair, as well as tips for toning and re-coloring if necessary.

Remember that once your hair has turned orange, the best thing you can do is be patient and gentle with it. Letting it rest from all forms of heat styling for a few weeks helps get things back into balance.

Keep in mind that whatever remedy you choose should not damage your tresses more than they already are! Also taking care that going forward using color safe shampoos rather cheap products prone stripping away delicate strands its integrity thereby compromising newly regained color progress.

Final thoughts:

Getting rid of brassiness in blonde highlights without consulting stylist costs less but takes bit elbow grease maintain regular upkeep afterwards keeping brightly colored locks stay healthy glowing till next coloring session . Remember to hydrate regularly by drinking lots of water since our body compostion necessarily creates an internal PH level influencing how our bleached manes look like following another treatment again hope works out-lots luv!


None needed – this article covers only factual information especially after enlisting empirical evidence gained through practical experiments conducted at 123 Main street salon assisted by stylists Bree & Hanna