How to cook for children?

Are you tired of cooking bland meals that your children refuse to eat? Do you struggle with picky eaters who won’t touch anything green? Fear no more! In this guide, we will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to cook delicious and nutritious meals for even the pickiest of little eaters.

Meal Planning 101

The key to successful meal planning is variety, preparation and creativity. Here are some tips that’ll help:

Start With the Basics

Before getting started with planning out your weekly menu (or daily if it’s easier), ensure that there’s a range of flavors being covered in each meal. That means including something salty alongside something sweet.

Get Creative With Your Ingredients

Think outside the box – add fruits or vegetables like pumpkin (yes, it tastes great in pasta sauce!), mangoes or guava into dishes like soups and curries.

Make It Interactive

Little kids need mental stimulation too, so involve them when prepping their food. Let them use kid-friendly kitchen tools such as measuring cups or spoons/kid-safe knives, etc.) When they feel part of the process, they’re more likely to enjoy what they’ve helped make!

Be Prepared Ahead Of Time

Preparation saves time And decreases stress.bYou ca wipe off condiments before freezing leftovers bags – that makes reheating everything far less stressful later.

Cooking Techniques To Consider

If you think about which foods can sustain positive habits today as well as long-term health over an entire childhood—healthful foundational eating habits start early; The following are techniques worth considering:

Grilling: Grilled items tend to appeal to kids’ fascination with fire while also allowing natural flavor profiles come forth sans breading / heaviness..

Stir-Frying: almost similar benefits apply here but different oil types can add (good) flavors to stir-fries; as well, you might expertly sneak-in certain veggies if cut up super fine without a child even realizing it’s in there.

Baking: serves various cooking options from sweet to savory, including recipes with hidden ingredients hiding while producing excellent results ensures the children do not know of these!

Instant Pot or Pressure Cooker cookery: simplicity and speediness- especially appetizing for fussy eaters! They allow nutrients and natural flavours remain intact.


Snacks are an essential part of any child’s diet, however that doesn’t mean they have to be unhealthy. Here is some inspiration on what potentially could Replace processed snacks yet won’t bloat your kid:

Edamame beans

These boiled soybeans are rich in protein as well healthful vitamins whilst being buttery & delicious when simply salted: A nutritional upgrade compared to things like chips.

Roasted seaweed sheets

this snack is low calorie And also iodine-rich item promoting healthy thyroid function – So consider this before providing those empty-caloried crackers!

Apple Slices With Peanut Butter Or Almond Butter

Cut apple slices then Spread peanut or almond butter over them–fats naturally occurring in nut spreads lessen fat storage potential thus satisfying hunger longer than carb-filled cookies would.

Recipes Which Kids Will Love:

Following meals incorporate high veg-is replete proportions but don’t worry your kids’ll enjoy nomming on them far too much to miss meat:

  1. Veggie Pad Thai
    This is one meal which appeals all age groups of humans .Plus, zucchini disguised into noodles provides more groove but fewer Carb crashes!.


    • Zucchini -spiralized

    • 3 cloves garlic minced

    • Half yellow onion diced large


2.Tacos made with cauliflower tacos shells
This recipe means serious business, Thus bring-at least for breakfast/lunch/dinner once mastered:


  • cauliflower-head

4 Tbsp. egg whites

Spelt flour..

Final Thoughts

Cooking for children can be both fun and challenging all the same time. You have to get creative, keep it healthy ,perhaps hide veggies here or there (if need arises) which still tastes yummy enough that little ones should devour them within a jiffy…. If you rise to occasion with these techniques mentioned above, possible outcomes are more than delightful: not only healthier and flavorful plates – but happy child and parents at meal times too!

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