How to control hyperglycemia naturally?

Attention sugar lovers! Do you want to keep enjoying your sweet treats without having to inject insulin like a drug addict? You’re in the right place, my friend. In this article we’ll show you how to naturally control hyperglycemia while maintaining your loving relationship with sugar. No pain, all gain.


If you have hyperglycemia, it means that your blood sugar levels are higher than normal. This can cause serious health problems such as diabetes (duh!) and heart disease (no jokes here). To prevent these issues from ruining our delicious lives, we need to regulate our glucose intake through other means rather than depriving ourselves of sugars altogether!

So grab yourself a cupcake or two and let’s dive into some fun ways of keeping those pesky blood sugars in line!

The ABCs of Glucose Control

Before we start menu-planning based on your taste buds and medicinal needs, let’s first review some basics:

A – Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods contain harmful amounts of added sugars and artificial ingredients that increase inflammation which adversely affects glucose tolerance [1]. Instead go for natural food sources rich Vitamin B3 like eggs which will provide beneficial effects against glucose metabolism . Also foods high in fibre should be consumed because fibre slows down digestion allowing better regulation

B – Berries are Your Best Friend

Not only do berries provide that sweetness you crave but they also contain polyphenols whose antioxidant properties help manage oxidative stress associated with hyperglycaemia [2]

C – Carbs Need Company

Carbohydrates alone raise blood glucose levels intensively due the lack buffers affected by common digestive enzymes so consumption together with proteins fats or fibers would increase glycemic threshold reducing absorption more gradual thus improve overall glucose management[3].

Working Towards Better Eating Habits

By following these tips, you can satisfy your sweet tooth and still avoid dangerous spikes of glucose levels. But there’s more to getting those sugar cravings in check than just the foods you eat!

D – Don’t Skip that Workout

Exercise helps to lower blood sugar levels by improving insulin sensitivity [4]. Also encourages overall better metabolic health.

E- Evolve Your Sleeping Habits

Lack of sleep or quality decreased hours causes higher cortisol level ”stress hormone” which increases blood glucose production putting overweight older at risk for diabetes[5]. Help yourself get plenty of deep rest not only it rejuvenates but regulates as well

F- Feel Full with Protein Power

Protein provides satiety that makes sure your craving doesn’t make u bounce around naka hungry again thereby ensuring controlled intake [6].

The Sweet (and Savory) Final Touches

Now that we’ve got some framework going, let’s spice things up:

G – Get into Spice World!

Spices such as cinnamon help reduce oxidative stress dealing damage control against oxidation accentuated environments prevalent in hyperglycemic circumstances in turn reducing chances infection heart attach hypertension and memory deterioration problems [7]

Use vanilla bean powder instead of syrup or get those delicious pumpkin spiced flavoured recipes going! When cooking from scratch try using natural flavours!

H – Happy Hour Still a Thing?

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach leads to drastic drops in blood sugars letting fear reign where fun should have been. Always consume according to moderation guidelines while eating food will give support to stabilize[may delete] [8]


There is no need for pessimism when it comes down keeping blood sugar regulation good whilst enjoying life’s sweet treats along the way; From controlling what we eat along with adding spices upping other vitamins ensure above techniques are used daily so as live healthy normal lives !! Not asking too much surely?
It all comes down to making a few changes and having fun with the process. Who said controlled blood sugar can’t be delicious? Get cooking, laughing, working out and singing–because joyful living is healthy living!

PS: Don’t forget to brush your teeth! 😉


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