How to consume aloe vera orally?

If there’s one plant that you can consider as a jack-of-all-trades, it’s aloe vera. This amazing succulent comes packed with nutrients and offers numerous health benefits. From improving digestion to boosting immunity and promoting skin health, consuming aloe vera has become increasingly popular over the years.

Don’t worry if you’re new to this plant wonder: here we have some tips on how to consume aloe vera orally in different ways!

Step 1: Choose Your Aloe Vera

Before you think of consuming aloe vera, it’s important that you pick the right kind of plant for consumption. While several species of aloe are used commercially, not all varieties are safe for human consumption! Below is our pick:

Selecting Edible Aloe Vera

  • Look for an organic or homegrown variety.
  • Ensure the plants haven’t been treated or sprayed with harmful chemicals.
  • Avoid any leaves which look yellow or brownish/red.

Step 2: Preparing Your Plant

While fresh aloe leaves sure look beautiful wrapped in green perfection, getting into one can be tricky! You don’t want just anyone hacking at your cacti…or do you? Let us simplify things by breaking down the preparation process!

Removing Barbs from Leaves

  • Place gloves!
  • Rinse them thoroughly under running water
  • Use an angled knife (dull side)
  • Cut jagged edges off
  • Shave green layers off till fluffy white flesh exposed
  • Peel away skin using your sharp edge/bladeand voila!

Now that your edible parts are within reach let’s move onto step three.

Step 3: Consuming Aloe Vera Gel

One way to consume aloe vera gel, straight from its natural source guarantees potency…

Chewable Method

Chewing freshly peeled-off pieces sound appealing:

  • Take small bites to avoid choking
  • Chew so your digestive juices can break gel down easily
  • Swallow only when all of the flesh has been broken down

Drinking Method

If you’re even slightly squeamish about consuming raw aloe vera, don’t fret. This method is super easy!

  1. Slice stalk into cubes or strips after removing spikes and peel it
  2. Put pieces in blender and add water.
  3. Blend well until there are no large solids visible
  4. Drink straight away for optimal nutrition retention!
    5.Enjoy immediately as aloe vera juice made with fresh leaves does not store well

You must also remember that aloin is present in the yellow sap right under protective coverings which carries tainted flavor; ensuring proper washing off will help eliminate traces.

Step 4: Adding Aloe Vera Extract to Food or Drinks

With preserving nutritional benefits intact, adding aloe extract powder/liquid concentrate to foods like salads, smoothies etc:

Listed below are some things to keep in mind whilst doing so:

Aloe Vera Powder

  • Mix directly into salad dressings using two teaspoons per serving for incredible fiber content release.
  • Add one teaspoon per swig on soups or sauces such as tomato sauce for extra health benefits.

Aloe Vera Liquid Concentrate

  • Freezing liquid into ice trays works especially great;
    • For clean-flavored cold beverages where chunks of frozen-thawed liquid cups could be tossed hungrily into mixers
    • Great flavors include cranberries, cucumbers & mint too!

When buying commercial supplements containing whole leaf look completely sugar-free & suitable softgels form running at risk from potential pesticides.

The Best Time To Consume Aloe Vera?

Vitamins C/B12 aside, consuming a healthy dose daily poses no harm if done sensibly! However, ample quantities won’t mean much if not taken while keeping in mind the best timings to do so.

Optimal Time? Evenings and Nights

  • Aloe vera usually stimulates bile production in your liver required for proper digestion. If intake is at night, it allows it work its magic whilst sleeping!
  • Reduced oxidative stress during bedtime repairs damages caused by free radicals in our bodies
  • Can’t drink anything bitter on empty stomach anyway!


Aloe Vera’s potential health benefits consumed orally are second to none! they’re cost effective, versatile & incredibly easy to prepare fresh after making up your mind. Getting into a routine of eating/drinking aloe vera gel/juice, or overhauling once regular salads; adding freshly extracted concentrates could lead you down on good path towards better physical wellbeing overtime…and hopefully fun along the way with these tips!