How to conceal puffy eyes?

If you’re tired of looking like you just emerged from a week-long cry fest, then look no further. Here are some comically helpful ways to get rid of those dreaded puffy eyes.

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

Puffy eyes can be distressing if they occur regularly. You may always want to buy sunglasses or wear big hats in public to try and hide them, but it isn’t necessary. It’s time for us first unravel the culprits behind your puffed-up eyes:

  • Lack of Sleep (a.k.a. Netflix binge watching).
  • Aging (get old already!).
  • Allergies (avoid flowers and cut grass at all costs).
  • Dehydration (Drink water! Duh!).

Now we know what causes these pesky bags under our eyes; it’s time to show them who’s boss!

The Remedies

Tea Bags Therapy

Some people swear that using tea bags works wonders on their puffiness—sounds refreshing doesn’t it? Drink a warm cup of green tea and give your under-eye area the leftovers when done brewing.

  1. Boil water with two normal teabags (preferably chamomile or rose herbal teas) for about five minutes.
  2. Put them in refridgerator until chilled
  3. Apply cool tea bags onto closed eyelids without allowing the wet parts touch your skin directly.
  4. Let sit for 10 –15 minutes every day before getting started on any make-up routine.

Voilà! Your undereyes will feel visibly smoother afterward

Cucumber Slices

You’ve seen this cliché trick in movies involving ladies wearing bathrobes, laying down during spa treatments, while cutting up slices of cucumbers over their eyes – well we’ve got good news for you: it works.

  1. Chill a cucumber in the fridge for an hour or two.
  2. Take it out, cut them into thin circles and place them over your entire eyes.
  3. Leave in place for about 20 minutes
  4. Voilà! No more puffed-up eyes!!!

Spoon Therapy

Yes, Spoon therapy is a thing, and we assure you’ll enjoy it—spooning yourself to beauty sleep what could be better?

  1. Freeze at least three metal teaspoons overnight
  2. When you wake up with puffy undereyes, remove the spoons from the freezer and hold them against your eyelids one by one until they warm up to body temperature.
  3. Alternate between placing spoons on top of each other so that all area gets cooled-down treatment.

The coldness helps reduce inflammation temporarily when reducing blood flow overall beneath delicate skin around our eyelid areas.

Eye Massage Therapy

Eye massage methods claimed to help overcome tiny lymphatic vessels’ congestion under our facial dermis—the most common cause behind eye bag formation:

1.Start by gently tapping around temple regions using ring fingers’ pads applied some pressure onto sore spots intermittently moving towards brow bones – continue doing this routine repeatedly; after all who said head-nook wouldn’t feel good?
2.Cup hands together above both eyes closed shut tightly- next week feels slight pressure forward create suction effect air can’t get inside (you might hear popping sound).
3.Resting fingertips horizontally below inner corners each eye push down while slowly gliding outward towards cheeks – do several times if possible to improve texture long term.

Anti-puffiness massages are best done first thing in morning ideally before cleansing face

Make-Up Essentials

Now we come to a practical part of concealing puffiness through makeup hacks- indulge yourselves ladies (and gentlemen)!

For Eyes

  • Curl those lashes – After applying mascara take lash curlers to root sections pull gently upward for optimum eye-opening effect upwards, waiting a few seconds before releasing—repeat.
  • Get the right shade from your concealer palette. It’s important always to choose one with yellowy undertones that blend nicely – orange or pink-toned concealers can highlight any purple-blue tints in undereye regions worsening puffiness effects.
  • No harsh lines! Blend it all properly by using soft fingers or airbrush make-up tool apply thin coats around eyes until your heart contents satisfied.

For All over Face

Did you know that bronzer finely dusted across cheekbones extends themselves into perfect highlighting spot creating illusions of lifted face? And why limit mushroom crop facial silhouette techniques when they work so well against puffy double chin too?

1.Prepping skin is key – exfoliate with scrub once per week keep skin healthy and refreshed.
2. Apply correct foundation matching natural color- avoid heavy coverage because thicker looks cakey instead stick lightweight formula works more effectively hiding blemishes making skin look even-toned brighter overall
3.Ever heard of glow setting sprays like “Dewy mist” giving refreshing appearance anytime anywhere on any outfits, plus girls night outs; who could argue about benefits similar elixir potion without hangovers sounds dream come true!

Hygiene Tips

Ensure hygiene habits are maintained while treating puffy eyes.

  • Wash hands thoroughly and only use clean water wipes v.s. shared cloths
  • Avoid rubbing eyes intentionally this irritates the area causing swelling inflammation leading later down road other health issues such as dark circles, dry patchy etc..
  • Clean face before bed last thing ensure makeup residue’s removed thoroughly during deep cleaning steps then apply gentle moisturizer preferably mild-cooling formulations optimized soothing redness properties.

Following these guidelines should be enough to start tackling those puffy bags under our precious peepers—a spa-like treat at home all easily accessible and fuss-free! Get ready for radiantly glowing, well-rested-looking eyes because aren’t we all out there to look our best selves? See results instantly in less than 10-15 mins practice morning/night everyday re-double efforts make puffiness banished into oblivion.

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