How to compliment your date?

First dates can be quite daunting, but with the right approach, both parties will have fun and enjoy the experience. One of the most subtle ways to make your date feel great is by complimenting them.

Here are some tips on how to compliment your date and make a lasting impression while you’re at it:

Be genuine

Before we dive into specific compliments, let’s get something straight: don’t force or fake a compliment. Sincerity is key; if you genuinely like something about your date, that’s what you should mention. Fake flattery will not only create suspicion, but it also comes off as insincere and manipulative.

Dress Sense

People put effort into their appearance when going out on a first date. Therefore take note of what they’re wearing so that you can use it in acknowledging their dedication.

  • “You look fantastic! I love those immaculate shoes.”
  • “Wowza! That dress looks stunning on you”
  • “Is this the reason why I’ve been blown away all night? You look amazing!”


Your partner’s bright mind may have attracted you to them – perhaps their witty one-liners or insightful remarks impressed (come up with more flattering words)you during earlier conversations. And now that you two are face-to-face find aspects related to intelligence worth recognizing.

“I must confess I didn’t expect our conversation tonight would be incredible”
“Gosh! There really wasn’t anything else better I could do than spend today with someone as smart like yourself.”
“I’m blown away every time by how much wit falls from your lips.”

Personality Traits

Everyone possesses unique personality traits – each chosen phrase demonstrates noticing qualities unique character .

“This has arguably established itself in my top ten favorite nights precisely because of who YOU are.”
“You’re such an amazing person. From what you’ve mentioned and done, it’s been clear to me about how brave you always are!”
“I’ve never met someone so friendly as you.”

Physical features

It is not wrong to appreciate people’s physical appearances, but proceed cautiously especially when your date barely got to know you fully.

  • “You have a lovely smile;
  • Your hair looks great tonight! ”
    “I find myself mesmerized by your captivating eyes”
    “Your muscular arms are insanely attractive.

Remember too much complimenting of the outer beauty will make them feel evaluated at face value


No need for this subheading – hygiene is essential in general.

Hygiene could do wonders for anyone who wants to present themselves well on the first date. Nevertheless,when complementing one should handle it gently without making your partner self-conscious.

“Wowza! Are those gums made from gold? You’re incredibly fresh-smelling”
“Your perfume/cologne smells fantastic”

This also applies if their breath isn’t smelling minted-fresh:

“Sorry can I offer a piece of gum?” then pop one in her mouth saying “There we go, we wouldn’t want anything coming between us.”

30 minutes later while walking say again,

“Just curious were you trying to avoid our connecting physically or was there some spinach stuck between your teeth? (then laugh) 😂😂 okay sorry that was cold but by now may be time for another piece hahaha”.

Little things like this ease up tension and serve as smooth icebreakers.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

Everyone has something they love doing outside work-related activities- No better way of getting closer with people than taking part in fun hobbies together e.g skating,cycling,pottery classes once-a-week among others ,Use opening conversations around their interests/hobbies before indulging them with compliments.

“So from what you mentioned, it’s very clear that your painting instructor would be incredibly pleased with the end result.”
“I’d never have guessed someone as young-looking and smart as this one sitting right infront of me is also a pro at salsa dancing!”


A positive attitude goes a long way, especially on first dates when people tend to get nervous.

  • You think there are no good men left? Right here is an affirmation otherwise.
  • Oh surprised how wonderful tonight has been mostly because I do find it refreshing meeting {positive/happy/optimistic/hearty} people like yourself
    Complimenting their upbeat disposition should make them feel fantastic when you emphasize their uplifting demeanor towards others too:
  • Your approachable nature could tolerate even the most annoying individuals out there – makes hanging out much more fun.

Not separating “you” makes the feeling seem theirs for having done something right.Instead place “you” after initial remarks which elevate’s answers;

Notice YOU were such great company while enjoying XYZ dish together to enhance bonding moments.


Making someone feel appreciated through genuine compliments can work wonders; whether it’s giving compliments about personality traits or physical appearances- Complementing sets off hormones (dopamine)responsible for making us happy.Great atmospheres start growing naturally complimented everything around feels better-icing on cake.If things go well and both of you start dating often already now know best ways to appreciate yourselves.Be genuine,respectful,focused on great qualities and reap immensely ,just remember highlight all cool aspects your partner brings.This checklist then will serve exceptionally if ever needing any creative heads up.