How to clear up toenail fungus fast?

Ugh. Have you ever looked down at your feet and wondered if what’s lurking under your toenails is something that could rival the contents of a biohazard bin? If so, welcome friend! You have toenail fungus. And let’s be honest… it ain’t pretty. But fear not, dear reader! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get rid of that pesky fungus lickety-split!

What is toenail fungus and why is it such a drag?

Toenail fungus (or onychomycosis as the fancy people call it) occurs when fungi (think mold or yeast) start growing beneath your nails. This can happen on both fingernails and toes but tends to be more common in the latter since our little piggies tend to spend more time trapped inside damp shoes.

Unfortunately, once those mushrooms start moving in, they’re not likely to vacate without a fight. Common symptoms include yellow/really ugly nails with crumbly edges, icky odors (smells like cheese anyone?), pain while walking/jogging/hiking/etc., and sometimes even complete nail loss (bye bye toenail). Dermatologists caution patients against ignoring an infection because over time untreated cases are no picnic.

So now what? Isn’t there some kind of magic funnel we can use?

Believe me; I’ve wished for magic fungal funnels many times myself(especially around Halloween season 🙂) Sadly (sniff sniff) we don’t live in “Harry Potter” land so clearing up nail infections takes patience and persistence.

That being said,there ARE natural remedies that work better than any wand-waving:

Tea Tree Oil: The Holy Grail of All Natural Remedies

Tea tree oil has been helping humankind solve their skin issues for centuries. This powerful essential oil possesses antifungal properties that make it an excellent choice for kicking the fungi’s rear-end! To use, apply tea tree oil directly to infected nails using a cotton swab twice daily until new healthy nail growth appears.

The Powers of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide – commonly found in most drugstore first-aid kits – has potent antiseptic and anti-fungal attributes (Far better than avocado toast). Create a foot soak solution with one-part hydrogen peroxide to four-parts warm water, submerge your feet ten minutes daily repeating this stint for two weeks or until infections disappear.

Rub-A-Dub Dow With Vinegar

White vinegar is acidic – which fungi absolutely abhor (who else smells pickles?). Mix equal parts white vinegar and warm water together in a bowl large enough to fit both feet. Soak your toesies once-twice each day depending on severity (twice being best), till you see desired results.

Exercise Better Foot Hygiene Habits To Avoid Future Fungus Attacks!

We all know that old adage about prevention versus cure, well it bodes true when dealing with toenail fungus too (Really worth considering people) If you don’t want the critters returning post-treatment, then now’s the time to spring clean those hygiene habits up! Consider these pointers:

  1. Keep Your Feet Clean And Dry
    Keeping your toes squeaky-clean goes without saying but drying them thoroughly is just as important especially between the creases of your toes where mold-loving moisture tends lingers long.

  2. Wear Proper Shoes
    Whilst flip flops might be cute and airy any far from ideal foot apparel considering fungal foes thrive sweat-ridden socks-and-shoe environments.To avoid such scenarios pit down Those synthetic materials opt instead for natural fibers that promote BREATHEABILITY!(Think leather/suede)

  3. Disinfect Your Pedicure Equipment
    If frequenting salons for your foot maintenance invest in personal lotions/setup to minimize cross-contamination and prevent a raise of fungi from other guests

  4. Fabulous Feet Require Regular Maintenance
    Just like anything we cherish our feet require TLC too! Clip nails regularly (be careful not to cut down too deeply), monitor discoloration or spots, apply moisturizer daily – In short: upping our health consciousness is 99% necessity!


Voila! Now you’ve learnt that it’s entirely possible to manage toenail fungus without resorting to weird potions/ingredients found deep within the Amazon Rainforest… Or even worse keeping your sandals firmly grounded.

Simply Tackle this issue head-on with Hydrogen Peroxide and White Vinegar soaks, while simultaneously applying Tea Tree oil directly onto the infected nail(s). Maintain impeccable foot hygiene habits (Proper shoes for example) &nail monitoring are two indispensible ways of preventing future fungal growth

Goodbye fungus; Hello Baby Soft Toesies (Wave those toes people)

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