How to clear smoke out of lungs?

So, you’ve been smoking all these years and now those lungs are working against you. We all make choices in life, and here we are looking for ways to reverse our bad decisions! Don’t worry though; it’s not too late to clear out that tar-filled mess from your insides. Here are some tips on how to clear smoke out of your lungs…or die trying!

Quit Smoking – Duh!

You don’t say? The first step is the most obvious one of all- quit smoking! Smoking causes more than just lung cancer; it can choke every organ in your body with toxic chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. Saying goodbye will be hard but necessary if you want better health.

Easier Said Than Done

Quitting might sound easy-peasy until you go cold turkey mode which inevitably goes south when reality strikes (the cravings). With over 70% of smokers wanting to quit, finding helpful methods is a top priority.

Detox Your Body

Water: A Magical Remedy?

Water’s role during detoxification processes often gets underestimated despite its numerous benefits such as:

  • Hydration
  • Boosting Kidney Function
  • Helps Flush Toxins Out Of Your System
  • Increase Lymphatic Performance

That means no sodas or beer replacements…or whatever excuse people use nowadays for avoiding proper hydration. You should also increase water consumption since dehydration exacerbates smoke damage symptoms and other tobacco-related medical conditions…so find that eight glasses a day habit, plant some hydration reminders around!

Antioxidants Are Life Savers

While at [a] party knocking back shots makes us feel indestructible…but after effects haunt us inevitably-for weeks sometimes-. Our bodies need antioxidants that help get rid of toxins accumulated during this time from cigarette smoking including Vitamin C & E, carotenoids, and flavonoids.

Dietary Changes

Eat more leafy greens, seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids, organic proteins like hen’s egg whites (have an alkaline effect that countersact smoking’s acidity) or chicken breast. Most importantly avoid processed foods since they contain numerous toxic chemicals.

Exercise – Not as a Punishment but as an Investment in Yourself

Cardiovascular Training: A Necessary Evil?

Cardio drains your innermost demons out out of you through sweat… now that’s poetic if anything! But wait there is even more to it than just mental healing. Statistics show how daily exercise reduces the risk of lung cancer significantly among smokers who quit smoking or haven’t smoked at all, so don’t skip on this one!

Deep Breathing: Inhale-Pause-Exhale

Deep breathing exercises can help enlarge lungs capacity by increasing oxygen intake which dilutes smoke residue…pretty useful when trying to clean up those distasteful black tar residues from cigs. You might find relief by positioning yourself horizontally where gravity helps draw stale air outside gradually over time for instance using bed adjustment features or lying down on flat surfaces like yoga mats should work well too.

Supernatural Remedies – Fact Or Fiction?

We’ve seen everything online these days [with] suggestions ranging from eating leaves with mustard or lemon juice mixtures while listening to chanting music AND gargling them afterwards..These treatments all seem bizarre at first glance but desperate times call for imaginative measures supposedly clearing your throat effectively from nicotine tar; also reported-it works only via placebo effects except for saltwater gargle used in cases headache sore throat symptoms occur especially when inhaling secondhand tobacco smoke

Suffering symptoms could trigger relying on medical attention being necessary since severe lung conditions appearing due prolonged exposure particularly COPD & lung cancer require proper diagnosis medication…you wouldn’t count on natural remedies that much in those cases!


If smoking always comes supported by peer pressure, misinformation or just plain boredom…you might as well face it-go upstairs and look at your lungs’ situation in front of the mirror. You’re going to quit after reading through these paragraphs(are you not?). Engage with activities boosting your mental and physical health afterwards possibly seeking into natural remedy’s effects on nicotine withdrawal symptoms-cause we don’t have DORAEMON helping us out here!

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