How to cleanse your body from birth control?

Let’s face it. Being on birth control can be a lifesaver, but sometimes our bodies need a break. Whether you’re looking to start a family or just want to give your body some time off, cleansing from birth control can seem like an intimidating task. Fret not! In this guide, we’ll explore how to cleanse your body from birth control in the most entertaining and informative way possible.

Hold up! What is Birth Control?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of detoxing our bodies from birth control, let’s first define what exactly it is.
Birth control refers to any method used to prevent pregnancy, ranging from hormonal pills and patches to non-hormonal options such as condoms or IUDs (intrauterine devices). The hormones found in traditional birth control methods work by preventing ovulation or thickening cervical mucus – basically avoiding eggs meeting sperm!

Why Consider Cleansing From Birth Control?

While being on birth control may have plenty of benefits such as regular menstrual cycles, decreased acne and reduced chances of cancer risk- associated with reproductive system cancers; there are potential downsides too! So why consider detoxifying your system away all that goodness? Here are several reasons:

  • Desiring conception for ladies who want children
  • Hormone hormone imbalances – excessive oily skin/hair , increased cramps/painful periods/natural emotional changes etc.
  • Weight gain
  • Feeling generally overwhelmed & moody – Yay hormones 🙄

Step 1: Understand Your Body

The very first step towards effectively cleaning out our systems off any toxins including those impressive tiny pill caches (’Aaahhh’, she exclaimed) , starts by getting acquainted with your own cycle .

The average menstrual cycle lasts approximately 28 days (woooow), but it can range from 21 to 35 days in some women. Use this time to chart your menstrual cycle, and observe the changes happening within you like when hormonal symptoms appear ,bloating or tender breasts for example.

  • Pro tip: Try using a period tracker app on your phone that will alert you about menstrual cycles changes if it’s difficult keeping track.

Step 2: Give Yourself Time

The next step when it comes to cleansing your body is giving yourself time. Many birth control methods have long-lasting effects on our systems even after we stop taking them, therefore you may need months, yes MONTHS! ( sheesh) be patient with yourself.With all good things come at least that much effort right?

For instance …
– Women who had taken injectables should expect up to 12 months for fully restoring their periods
– IUD users might wait between 3 -6 Months
– Those who had used oral pills probably around just over 1 month

Remember; it’s important not to rush the healing process! Stay strong 😃

Step 3: Eat Gently but Conscious Eating

This step takes into account foods especially helpful while detoxing off synthetic hormones in regular birth control products.
Here’s what should go into consideration:

  • Limit processed foods:
    The Cleaner the better; consume organic non GMOs food items where possible/affordable/applicable of course!

  • Fill-Up antioxidants:
    Vitamins A , C & E speak wonders as they act as natural hormone regulators thus eliminating imbalances we wouldn’t want otherwise (Mmm-hmm)

  • Add fibre-rich veggies:
    Focus more on add-ins such fibrous-dense vegetables like spinach and broccoli which cater not just overall physical wellness but help estrogen detoxification (#FIBER-RICH).

  • Slow-carbs rock
    Complex carbohydrates such as Whole grains are essential incorporates during detox because they allow energy balance throughout the day. Make sure carbs are eaten in portions for that’s when the magic happens.

Step 4: Say Goodbye to Stress

Evident by now is the fact that birth control can significantly alter hormones; so is STRESS whose impacts often get overlooked (sigh) treating ourselves gently sometimes could be breakthrough! Adequate sleep, mild daily exercise and avoidance of negative vibes equals healthier endocrine system . This not only brings about physical improvement , it improves mindset too!

  • Fun Fact : Breathe-In ….Hold … Brethe-Out…. sigh of relief Reduces levels of cortisol hormone (Stress- signalling) thereby promoting more positive emotions.

Step 5: Try Adding Herbal Supplements

“Supplements?! do I need new rituals ?” well…Health products aren’t as bad they seem at times plus alternative medicine like herbal supplements feature a full spectrum criteria making them choice substances while getting off such products .
Some effective herbal supplements capable detoxifying synthetic estrogen & allowing quicker recovery include :

    Milk Thistle – important during liver cleansing
   Dong Quai-aids hormonal balance.
   Maca Root -improves fatigue symptoms while nourishing Adrenal glands.

Just keep this step under professional guidance from a legit naturopath or doctor okay?. Don’t want to fall into fraudsters’ traps cause we simply love convenience (Hmph)

In short….yes (@_@).

Don’t fret! Besides waiting period upon cessation , reproductive organs might take time acquiring their adrenaline rush(( sensitivity)),mostly likely due inconsistent presence of natural hormones after exhaustion of medication receptors.; rest assured though most women usually have no issues regarding getting pregnant down ex-birth control journey. Do consult your gynecologist before resuming your family planning because hey who wouldn’t wanna make baby-making accurate ?


Cleansing your body from birth control may seem intimidating, but it’s an important step towards long-term health and wellness. Take time to understand your cycle, cut down on processed foods, add fiber-rich veggies/clean carbs into daily meals & practice self-care techniques like herbal supplements.

An essential reminder – take good care of yourself holistically; emotionally included – it’s a journey worth taking!

Happy cleansing! 😌