How to clean razor after shaving with oil?

Welcome to the ultimate guide on cleaning your razor after shaving with oil. We all know how frustrating it can be when you have to stop midway through your shave just because your razor is clogged up with hair and gunk, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the art of cleaning razors post-shave using oil. Let’s get started!

Pre-Shave Prep

Before we delve into the cleanup process, let’s talk about some essential pre-shave steps that should always be taken for an easy cleanup.

1. Choose Your Razors Wisely

Not all razors are created equal – some are better than others based on blade quality or durability. Choosing high-quality razor blades ensures a more comfortable and efficient shave while reducing the chances of irritation.

2. Use an Appropriate Oil

Using oils like coconut oil are notorious for blocking drains but opting for light-weighted ones such as tea tree or jojoba oil will not only provide excellent lubrication but also make removing unwanted residues easier.

3. Rinse Your Razor During Shaves

Rinsing off accumulated grime during shaves helps reduce its buildup in the razor, hence making removal much simpler afterward.

Cleaning Methods Post shave

Now that we’ve gone over some useful pre-shave tips primarily intended to avoid excessive build-up within our Razors let’s move onto post-shaving clean-up methods:

4.Water Flush Method

The easiest way to flush out chunks of wet hair remaining on your razor head is by running it under hot water (not scalding!) This serves as a halfway point preventing larger masses accumulation at once.

there’s no need for using extreme force. Simply apply some pressure while running blades under hot tap water to allow a steady stream for as long it takes to wash away accumulated gunk.

### 5.The Shaking Method
Once you’ve cleaned the razor blades of hair and skin debris, our next step is shaking off excess moisture on it.

The shaking method involves tapping your razor lightly over a sink like a chef taps his fingers when sieving flour. Allowing all the remaining droplets to leave the blade before dozing in oil – remember every drop counts!

### 6.Brush Technique

For those who enjoy deep cleaning, consider investing in a shave brush; they work hand-in-hand with soap or cream at breaking down follicles’ residue.

Using medium bristle circular motions alongside soapy lather directly onto dampened razor head and rinse off afterward.

![A picture of someone washing their shaving tools](

Remember, this technique can be time-consuming but provides an adequate de-gum process that could otherwise have been missed.

Pros Cons
Quick and straightforward method. Dangerous if water runs too hot or during power outages.

Pros Cons
Effective removal of deep-seated residue. Time-consuming and takes extra effort to maintain the brush.

### 7.Towel drying

A Quick solution with less water use comes in handy when you are always on-the-go. Simply collect a towel or rag and pat dry razor blades before adding the oil.

![A picture of someone pating down their shaving tools](

Remember to use a soft cotton hand towel as opposed to typical rags that might scratch off blade coatings if any.

## Final Touches

Now that your Razor blades have been thoroughly cleaned, it’s time for some final touches just be sure.

### 9.Add Your Preferred Oil
Whether you prefer mineral oils, jojoba etc., add about two drops onto razors’ head to help lubricate gears thus reducing abrasions.

Ensure even distribution by rubbing the razor through palms giving enough coating before storing away. Applying too much can clog up leather cases creating stress during next usage while under-applying leaves no protection against oxidation resulting from dampness buildup within storage medium.

###10.Storage Habits
Lengthy uncapped shelves or drawers filled with loose items that cause scratches may decrease blade efficiency; therefore keeping Razors secured would help extend their life.

And on that note, we conclude our comprehensive guide on cleaning razors post-shave using oil. Remember always to choose the appropriate razor and use effective cleaning techniques according to personal preferences while placing a significant emphasis on proper storage habits for longevity.

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