How to check your body temperature with your phone?

Oh, dear! Are you feeling sick but lazy enough not to move your hand towards that thermometer? Worry not, for in this guide, we will teach you how to check your body temperature using nothing else but your phone. I know what you’re thinking – “you can’t be serious.” But trust me when I tell you that checking your body temperature with a phone is entirely possible.


Before diving into the steps, let’s take a brief moment to understand why it is necessary always to keep track of our body temperatures. A high fever could potentially mean something terrible going on inside our bodies – and sometimes even deadly. So having an easy method at our disposals would prove incredibly helpful.

The Quick Solution: An Infrared Thermometer

Hold up! Before teaching you how to check temperature with the phone (as promised), let us quickly acknowledge the existence of infrared thermometers (not phones) designed specifically for such purposes. They are available on Amazon or other trustworthy e-commerce websites starting from 20 dollars and go as high as infinity(well just kidding- the price range varies extends depending on quality).

In case of urgency or lack of previous preparation, buying these would ensure correct readings without any hassle within seconds.

Great! Now coming back to our solution,

The Step-by-Step Guide: Using Your Phone

Here are simple steps following which one can measure their body temperature accurately by utilizing only their smartphones:

  1. Ensure Bluetooth connectivity between both devices.
  2. Next up, head over towards Appstore/Google Play (depending on whether you own an Apple iPhone device or Android) and download ‘Fever Tracker’
  3. Install the application once downloaded
    4 . Open Fever tracker (wait left & right while looking ecstatic about its opening speed)
    5 . Tap “Take Temp” button present at top right corner of the app (Wow really? Who would have thought)
    6 . All you need to do now is place your phone’s back flush with the area where you want to measure body temp (please don’t forget cleaning up that camera lens) and wait for 3 seconds.
    7 . Tahdah! The application has displayed your temperature accurately.

The device uses patented infrared spot detection technology and a highly resistant algorithm initiating accurate readings with excellent reliability. Bonus – one can record their temperature in different time slots by utilizing graphs present on this app.

A Brief Word of Caution

Though we mentioned above how fever could potentially be hazardous, an equally important factor refers to taking responsibility oneself for purchasing correct equipment from trustworthy brands.

Any information provided within this guide should not replace any medical consultation, awareness or opinion acquisition-– please always consult professional doctors or self-research medical articles as well depending upon convenience prior bringing something into practicality.

After weighing all those key points properly obviously (even when it feels like doing that homework mom gave on Sunday), use Bluetooth smartphones or IR thermometers under complete guidance only(like seriously).

Cooler Alternatives To Check Body Temperature

If using a smartphone somehow falls under too mainstream (weren’t our title just about the same thing though?)- here are some other devices/ methods through which one could imply check-up:

Ear thermometer (

common, much reliable alternative

Ear Thermometer measures temperatures inside ears by reading heat generated by eardrum placement without discomforting its user. They work quickly making non-intrusive measurements.

– Readings generated instantly
– Accurate within +/-0.2°C
– Gentle & hygienic method

-May result in difference in certain hours (compared to rectal measurements)
-Not suitable first preference for patients under sixteen years old due improper alignment of ear canal.

Oral thermometer (

when life gives you no chances – easy peasy

This is the most commonplace example of a thermometer. Meant for oral usage, it’s recommended to place under tongue without talking or moving during measurement.

– Discreet & non-invasive method
– One may continue daily tasks while measuring orally

-Ideal use strictly after thirty minutes of consuming hot/ cold beverages.
-Ain’t accurate as rectal measurements.

Armpit Thermometer (

always trust hidden gems… oh wait )

Here, one places that device under armpits and waits patiently till the end result becomes visible.The temperature is measured by skin contact giving an instant general estimation only(not actual)

-Most convenient amongst all methods mentioned above
-No specialized training required

-Lesser accuracy (compared to other versions.)
-May differ when taking into consideration applications like Fever Tracker etc.

Wrapping Up

Voila! In conclusion (that part where school essays used come full circle) we have learned how to check our body temperature using nothing but our phones – though in emergency situations investing in infrared thermometers can always prove beneficial too. Furthermore, secure ways to measure body temperatures – including ear thermometers, oral ones and armpit devices have indeed made things simpler for mankind overall.

No need now panicking about shoving blocks of costly equipment down your throat – this smart solution could be the way forward towards living healthier lives.Which means more time lying comfortably around (unless suffering from high fever).

Good luck with your health journey ahead folks!

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