How to check temperature in babies?

Are you tired of being clueless on how to properly check your baby’s temperature? Are you scared that the thermometer will come out like it does on those medical shows, or worse–get stuck in there and never come out? Well, fear not fellow parent, we have got you covered! In this informative guide (with funny twists included), we’ll show you how to check your baby’s temperature like a pro.

First, let’s start with some basics before getting into the nitty-gritty details:

What is Normal Body Temperature for Babies?

According to pediatricians, babies’ normal body temperatures range from 97°F to 100.3°F (36.1°C-38.9°C). However, don’t panic if your baby’s temperature slightly fluctuates; everyone has their own normal range.

When Should You Take Your Baby’s Temperature?

Whenever your baby seems unwell or feverish, that’s usually when they need their temperature taken. Additionally, any symptoms such as diarrhea/vomiting warrant taking their temp as well.

Now let’s get down to business and examine several ways/techniques on how to take your angel-baby’s temperature:

Method 1: Rectal Thermometer

First method up – good old rectal thermometer! Yes folks—it means what you think it means—shoving it up there…but hear us out!

Step 1: Sanitize & Lubricate

No one likes an unsanitary thermometer inserted where the sun doesn’t shine… Start the procedure by sanitizing its tip using rubbing alcohol or boiling water if necessary (iodine-infused liquor won’t do either—a pity!). Don’t forget powder free gloves for hygiene purposes when handling thermometers—you didn’t earn those cute ‘parent points’ only by brute force now did you?!

Next, apply some lubricant to the thermometer’s tip. Don’t use Vaseline since it can affect the accuracy of the reading.

Step 2: Lay Baby Down

Firstly, find a comfortable spot for you and your baby–make sure they’re lying on their stomach/back in front of you or atop of changing table with legs up—whichever pleases them more!

Step 3: Insert Thermometer

Now for the moment we’ve been waiting. Gently insert (no force required) the tip approx one inch into your baby’s rectum, while holding on to its base (tip not trail!). Hold firm until it beeps (or read manually if analog), record temp and voila!

There you go! Perfectly measured temperature like a pro…

Method 2: Your Ear Is For Sharing Music And Taking Temperatures Too!

This method is super easy but may produce inconsistent results due to earwax buildup–so make sure ears are completely clean before inserting must not get plain silly now do we my dear?

Step 1: Calibrate The Thermometer

Before placing anything inside that ear canal, calibrate device according to instruction manual provided by manufacturer.

Step 2: Aim & Insert

Position thermometer at entrance of your little one’s ear canal-ensure snug fit without applying excessive pressure-don’t let them complain about THIS later in therapy 🙂 . Press start button so infrared sensors can measure body temperature from eardrum itself… sounds eerily similar to ‘infraspecific competition’ doesn’t it? 😉

And there ya have it folks..temperature headlining into home plate and upon spectrum!

Method #3 – Forehead Scan Technology TLC Way .. No Probing Required !!

Finally….brace yourself ladies & gents… no more poking needed!

Introducing Body temperate scanning devices(w/detector/remote control), with specially calibrate based thermopile sensors & software perfect for anyone and allergies regardless of age or gender.

Step 1: Place Thermometer on Forehead

Just place the thermometer on your baby’s forehead—be sure it’s properly aligned

Step 2: Wait For The Reading!

And that’s all—will beep within seconds with results flashing in front of you- and instantly! No objections …Easy peasy right?

There you have the three most common ways to check your baby’s temperature. Find out which one works best for both of you! After a long day of parenting, isn’t humor exactly what we need?