How to check my mirena strings?

When it comes to using the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD), ensuring that the strings are in place is crucial for effective contraception. Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure how to do this – we’ve got you covered! Follow these simple steps below, and you’ll be checking your Mirena strings like a pro.

Before You Begin

Before attempting to check your Mirena strings, make sure that:
– It’s been at least four weeks since the IUD was inserted
– You have washed your hands thoroughly with soap and water
– You are in a comfortable position – try sitting on the toilet or placing one leg up on a stool

Step 1: Locate Your Cervix

Firstly, find your cervix by squatting down or standing with one foot on a raised surface. If necessary, use a hand mirror as well.
Pro tip: Not sure what you’re looking for? The cervix feels like a tiny round bump.

Step 2: Find The Strings

Once located, reach up with clean fingers towards your cervix until you feel two thin string-like structures protruding from inside of it – this will be the IUD’s strings.

Warning: Be gentle when feeling for these strings so as not to disrupt their positioning. Pulling too hard may dislodge them entirely.

Also… don’t panic if you can’t find them straight away, sometimes they curl around or hide which makes them difficult to locate – but keep trying!

Step 3: Check Their Length And Positioning

Ensure that both strings are present, and examine their length; they should be no longer than about an inch outside of the cervix. If either string has retracted further into the vagina or uterus than expected, then consult your healthcare provider for advice immediately.
Fun fact: The majority of IUDs come with strings measuring around 10 cm long upon insertion – but these will naturally shorten over time as the device gets settled into its new home.

Step 4: Repeat Monthly

We recommend checking your Mirena strings monthly, ideally just after a period when the cervix sits lower in the vagina. By monitoring them regularly, you’ll be able to detect any changes or warning signs quickly and efficiently – ensuring that there’s no unexpected pregnancies for you!

Pro tip: Set yourself reminders on your phone if you’re forgetful. Go on, do it now.

What If Something’s Not Right?

If at any point during the string-checking process you notice something unusual like missing strings or unusual pain, contact your healthcare practitioner immediately. These symptoms could indicate an issue such as:
– Expulsion of IUD
– Perforation (penetration) of uterus by IUD
– Infection

Remember: Don’t panic – but don’t ignore these issues either!


Q1: Can my partner check my Mirena strings?

A1: While there’s technically nothing stopping them, we’d generally recommend leaving this one to yourself because only YOU can feel how they ‘normally’ are! Plus it might definitely cramp up someones sex life if they start thinking about intrauterine devices every time they’re getting jiggy with it.

Q2: Do women without a menstrual cycle still need to check their Mirena strings?

A2: Absolutely! Even though hormonal changes from contraceptive methods like this can stop periods altogether doesn’t necessarily mean that serious complications cannot occur (sorry ladies!). That said, if someone hasn’t had their cycles in longer than usual, consulting a medical professional may also be advised.

Q3: Is there anything else I should know before attempting at-home checks?

A3: Always make sure to use clean fingers and wash your hands before attempting a check. If you are feeling hesitant or anxious about checking the strings for the first time, seeking guidance from a trained healthcare professional may be helpful.


Well guys – that’s it! Checking Mirena strings is an essential part of keeping yourself safe whilst using this contraceptive tool. We hope our step-by-step overview has been both informative and entertaining throughout – because let’s face it these things can sometimes just suck out all of the fun in life. So remember, keep calm…and keep on checking those ultra important little fibers!

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