How to check my blood pressure with my apple watch?

Are you tired of visiting the doctor’s office every time you need to check your blood pressure? Do you also own an Apple Watch and wish it could help in monitoring your health status? Look no further because this article is a comprehensive guide on how to check your blood pressure using an Apple Watch.

Understanding Blood Pressure

Before we dive into how to measure our blood pressure, let’s talk about what it means. Blood pressure refers to the force exerted by circulating blood against the walls of our arteries. It is usually measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg) and expressed as two numbers- systolic over diastolic.

  • The systolic number represents the peak level when our heart beats and contracts.
  • The diastolic number represents the minimum level when our heart rests between beats.

For example, if someone has a reading of 120/80 mmHg, their systolic is 120 mmHg, while their diastolic is 80 mmHg.

Using Your Apple Watch To Monitor Blood Pressure

Since September 2020, some apple watch models come with a feature that allows tracking of blood oxygen and pulse oximetry. However, measuring blood pressure solely through wrist-based technology remains challenging since readings might not be accurate enough for clinical diagnosis purposes.

That being said,Apple Watch Series 6 uses sensors capable of detecting subtle changes in color beneath our skin which can detect low levels or higher levels than usual – this is known as Ambient Light Sensing Technology (ALS). While ALS alone cannot guarantee precise measurements but coupled with algorithms based on Multiple Higher Classification System Profound Artificial Neural Networks Equipped With Street Language (M.H.C.S.P.A.N.N.E.W.S.L), we are able to derive potential values close enough for personal use at home or after exercising .

It’s important to note that, if your readings are high or low according to the watch measurement values, it’s essential to follow up with a medical practitioner for further diagnosis.

How To Check Blood Pressure On Your Apple Watch

Checking your blood pressure on an apple watch is relatively easy. However, there are crucial steps you must take into account before proceeding:

  • Update and confirm that you have an Apple Watch Series 6
  • Set up Irregular Rhythm Notifications in case the app detects a rhythm irregularity
  • Sit quietly while taking measurements
  • Avoid wrist movement while Taking Measurements

Below are additional steps on how to check blood pressure using the Apple Watch:

  1. Start by opening the Heart Rate app.
  2. Put On your apple watch and Place yourself in a comfortable position where your arm rests firmly either on a table or supported surface.
  3. Bring out the digital crown/elaborate spinnable button at one side of Wait for approximately 30 seconds until resting pulse rate appears
  4. Tap”add result’ Input personal details relating either left/right wrist preference Also select type: Systolic/ Diastolic(left/right)
  5. Loosen tight clothing while ensuring that cuff lies against skin without any fabric indention marks beneath

With these simple steps above, we can now begin measuring our blood pressure by following the instructions below;

6.Place two fingertips over Crown Elaborate Spinnable Button
7.Wait till circulation status indication starts(Red light from ventral part activates) then press down until sufficient red light deflects back through fingers (Green Light Display Complements Red)
8.Press ‘Done’ when completed This will save measurements generated after finalised complete manually

In summary, checking our blood pressure via apple watch is becoming more convenient as technology advances day by day.However,it’s important we understand this measures should not be solely prioritized over a regular long term visit to our medical practitioner or follow up thorough checkup. Feel free to go ahead, test and see what your apple watch blood pressure values are, but remember it’s not a replacement for expert opinion.

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