How to check for inguinal hernia in males?

Do you ever get that feeling of something weird going on down there? Well, it’s important to check your boys every so often for any suspicious lumps or bulges. One potential concern is an inguinal hernia, which is when a part of the intestine (or other tissues) pushes through the muscles in the groin area.

Don’t worry though – checking for this condition is easy peasy! Here’s how:

Step One: Find Your Groove

The first thing you need to do before checking your man-bits is find a comfortable position where you can easily reach them. Maybe lay down or prop one foot up on something sturdy (like a chair), whatever gets you relaxed and accessible.

Pro tip: Don’t try and nab yourself while standing up, as this may lead to some accidental tumbles if things go wrong…

Step Two: Feel Around

Next up, use your hands/fingers to feel around the pubic bone area. Start at the top of either side and work your way downwards. You’re looking for any unusual bumps or bulges below that hip bone structure; ideally smooth skin all around would be ideal but sometimes life likes to throw us curveballs!

If you do come across something new lurking in that hidden cave between thigh and pelvis, don’t panic just yet … keep reading!

Fun fact: An inguinal hernia will most commonly appear in males above 50 years old … Primarily due to wear-and-tear over time from ‘sitting’ …

Step Three: Try The Cough Test

What better way than diagnosing by coughing – It’s not like we’re asking individuals with asthmatic tendencies … Righty O’ then lets proceed :

Get those lungs ready cause now we’re gonna put that lump through its paces . While gripping/pressing down on the area that you suspect, cough gently (but firmly). If there’s a small bulge or lump that appears when you’re doing this – then it’s time to get ready for surgery!

Another fun fact: Coughing causes increased pressure to build up in your abdomen/groin region, which may cause any hernias to push out even further.

Step Four: Check Your Pain Levels

Now this might sound like common sense … But please don’t forget! Make sure you’ve got no pain while touching/pressing around that area.

If everything seems hunky-dory with no added twinges of hurt where they shouldn’t be – our diagnosis is somewhat upstanding and warranted…


You’ve now learned how to check for inguinal hernia in males. Congrats! You can now sleep soundly tonight knowing your gonads are free from harm 😜 ! However always keep one hand grasping what matters most (winky face) . Remember guys, never neglect those sacks because prevention is key …

Stay safe & stay awesome 😉

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