How to change your mindset from negative to positive?

Are you tired of feeling down and negative all the time? Do you want to turn that frown upside down and start thinking positively like one of those annoyingly happy people on social media? Well, I’ve got some news for ya, changing your mindset is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, it can be quite fun! So let’s get started!

Acknowledge Your Negativity Bias

First things first, let’s acknowledge something most people won’t tell you: humans have a negativity bias. This means our brains are naturally wired to focus more on negative experiences than positive ones. It’s kind of like being a magnet for bad vibes.

The Power of Negativity

Now don’t get me wrong; negativity can be useful sometimes. It helps us identify potential dangers and avoid them in the future. But when this negativity permeates every aspect of our lives – work, family, relationships – then Houston we have a problem.

Reframe That Brain

Fortunately though there is hope(cheers!). You just need to reframe your brain cue drum roll. No really thick headed human-machines out here.You know how people say ‘Fake it till you make it’? Well,it turns out that isn’t such bad advice afterall

Be Grateful

Start by focusing on what makes you feel good or fortunate(Be grateful!!). Maybe it’s a supportive friend or partner,your favourite meal,a hobby ,a pet that always greets with tails wags no matter now much shit had gone amiss… Jk but most definitely your favourite artiste.Also try writing down 3-5 things (no excuses please), each day that made you feel great.This will help build up positivity.But listen carefully:

“Gratitude doesn’t mean ignoring the negatives around us entirely — if used properly as our mind reframing tool.This helps you focus on the good things while keeping an honest perspective.

Affirm Evil..sorry,100% positivity

Another powerful way to rewire your brain is through positive affirmations. It may sound like some voodoo magic, but telling yourself that you’re awesome every morning can actually help shift negative thoughts into more positive ones.

Here are a few examples of powerful affirmations courtesy of outstading posi-thinkers:
– I am worthy and deserving of love.
– I trust my intuition.
– Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better(Don’t mind if it sounds cliquesque).
Write these down in a journal or flash card so they become part of your daily routine

Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

Hate to break it to ya bud:Hanging around Debbie Downer sure ain’t doing anything for your mood. Instead, why not surround yourself with people who inspire you? Pessimists will always find fault without solutions but optimism inspires creativity.So add a SIZZLE whether by joining online groups filled with like-minded individuals or inviting them round when social distancing becomes less pandemic-relatedly confusing.Or even binge watching motivational videos ,listening encouraging podcasts etc.

Pick up inspiring habits

In order yo set courses right,you gotta take action.Discard behaviour/activities that drain your energy .Things like scrolling endlessly through gloomy newsfeeds/poor performing stocks/miserable victims drag us down,and before we realise our own problems seem un-solvable. On the flipside,Try adopting something new,such as meditation gardening,a musical instrument or simply having an early morning walk everyday.Do what works decently well unique for you.Regular practice creates neurological pathways helping us easily drift back positively when negativity tries creeping in through other means

Have Fun(Zepro)!!

Lastly, none of this will matter if we fail miserably at building enlightenment.We are not monks,so it probably shouldn’t feel like one.So laugh more,be kind involuntarilystop giving yourself a hard time when things aren’t quite working out.Enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as perfect crispy bacon.Get off the laptop/phone often.Watch comedies or read light hearted books.Remind people around us that sudden bouts of “speechlessness” happens after we made a grammatically flawless delivery.

And voila!!,you have successfully switched over into being full on positivity pandit.Les’go.Spread your new found positive vibes to others.Help transform those negative Neds(you know friends who seem too far gone in pessimism.,lol).