How to change lip piercing for the first time?

Getting a lip piercing can be exciting, but changing it for the first time may seem challenging. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure about how to go about changing your lip piercing, fear not! With these steps and tips compiled through personal experiences and research,you’ll be able to change your lip piercing smoothly without creating chaos on your face.

When is It Safe to Change Your Lip Piercing?

Before proceeding with changing your lip piercing, make sure that it has healed completely.To check if it’s ready for replacement – take out the jewelry; if there’s no discharge or crusty material inside, then you’re good to go! Generally speaking,new piercings require a minimum of six weeks before they’re considered well enough healedand capable of tolerating new jewelry.

It is also recommended that you consult with a professional piercer before attempting to change any type of body jewelry yourself at home.

Preparing Supplies

Make sure that all materials needed are present before starting. These could include:
– New Jewelry (of appropriate size)
– Antimicrobial Soap
– Saline Solution
– Disposable Gloves

Be wary though – having too many choices in terms of high-quality sparkly bars or rings could lead you down an unhelpful indecisiveness path!

Some things worth noting:
– Make sure that both old and new studs/RINGS/hoops work together.
– A larger gauge: substituting regular studs for larger-sized ones provides better control when swapping them over.
-First-time changers might find ‘Horseshoe Barbells’ easier as they allow clear visibility compared with other designs.

Sanitizing Procedures

Like previous wound care managements; cleaning around the pierced area using durable gloves which should help prevent unwanted infections during this process.
To clean equipment :

1.Thoroughly wash your hands – this makes sure there are no germs present.
2.Clean the new jewelry using antimicrobial soap and hot tap water. Rinse jewelry in running water, making sure it is free from debris or residue that may cause skin irritation.
3.Mix three parts distilled or bottled water with one part sea salt to make a saline solution. Dip the newly cleaned jewelry into the solution for 5-10 minutes before rinsing again.
4.Sanitize old openings by applying saline solution on a cotton ball without touching any surrounding skin before gently cleaning around them.The pressure applied can help discharge accumulated fluids still welling up in order not to catch undesired infections.

Removing Old Jewelry

After Consistent hand washing, coming down to it (oh snap!), Try wiggling your old piercing back-and-forth instead of pulling it straight out – doing so reduces damages.v

If you’re having trouble getting the stud off due to residual matter stuck; soak an absorbent paper towel with warm saltwater and plaster over piercing hole for relieving suction pressure.A steady pull should do the trick.So all that’s needed is a dash of strength crossed fingers,and patience not to get scared when dealing with blood stains.

In instances where larger balls are involved as part of its design; grab onto the said ball,screwed off counter-clockwise whilst keeping track not lest we end with stray balls bouncing around!

All done? great job!

If haven’t managed changing yet:
A) Apply olive oil twice daily consecutively until able to!
B) head out to seek professional/medical advice immediately.

Inserting New Jewelry

Expect some possible discomfort especially if sizing has been altered compared during initial insertion period but once tolerable then dressing alongside personality will be fun!.

To insert New body jewellery:

1.Put on gloves after ensuring they don’t have moisture trapped at fingertips.
2.Sanitise hands and new jewelry using the same procedures done before (antimicrobial soap and saline solution).
3.Place the newly cleaned piece of jewellery in place, pushing it gently through new piercing whilst providing adequate support on its other end.

Changing lip piercings for the first time can appear daunting. Nonetheless,the process is not as complicated as many seem to make it! By following these steps, you are assured a successful outcome that will leave your lips looking great without any lurking fears of infections waiting to pounce.

– Always keep your hands clean.
– Prepare all needed instruments & supplies beforehand.
– Check sizing compatibility when buying or changing body jewelry.
Most importantly enjoy having fun dressing up daily alongside better self-expression just by switching rings!

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