How to change ileostomy bag?

Living with an ostomy is no joke. Dealing with all the challenges it poses can be quite tiresome and stressful, but changing your ileostomy bag shouldn’t be one of them. Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science. With just a few simple steps and some handy tips, you’ll be able to breeze through the process in no time, without any fuss or mess.

Essential supplies for changing your ileostomy bag

Before we dive deep into the nitty-gritty details of changing an ileostomy bag, let’s take stock of what you need:

  • A new ostomate pouch or bag (one-piece or two-piece)
  • Skin barrier or baseplate-pre-cut
  • Scissors(preferably blunt)
  • Paper towel and wet wipes
    -Cleaning solution such as soap and water (make sure to dry thoroughly)
    Don’t forget gloves

Find yourself a spot

Now that you have everything you need on hand (be careful nothing is missing!), find yourself a comfortable spot where there aren’t too many distractions; because if you are nervous like me then trust me when I say drinking wine while trying this isn’t suggested!. Maybe play some background music or start counting Zen breaths.

Take off used pouch carefully

The moment has come to lose your “old” friend (aka,your old attachement); retrieve your packer/folleter/lifty tool/yank handle – whatever name suits best for lifting purposes – and do so gently. Be patient since this removal can prove tricky especially according to how adhesive the glue holds it in place. Remember: haste makes waste…but also ensures poo leakage!

Afterward removing disposables peeled off,observe carefully whether it should be disposed of privately beforehand hiding unwanted odours.
Thank goodness expensive air fresheners aren’t necessary anymore…

Time for a gentle clean

Now that you’ve successfully removed the used pouch, it’s time to do a little cleaning up. Gently wipe around the stoma with paper towels and wet wipes, making sure not to scratch or injure yourself in this delicate region. If there is any leftover adhesive from your previous bag – because let’s face it: we’re all human (well strictly speaking some pachyderms also have been diagnosed with ostomies but anyway)– you can use an adhesive remover.

Use warm water and soap to ensure everything near your stoma(which smells like jail/prison kitchens) is disinfected! Scrub if need be – although I guess the user manual suggests otherwise!

You may now take one minute silence before starting anew

Attach new ileostomy bag

Here comes the exciting part! You’re ready to attach the new ileostomy bag(yeah!) just slide it gently into place properly (it should stick perfectly). Remember that target areas are crucial (use of mirrors useful).

Take responsibility by checking whether everything sticks along fine whereby protecting surrounding skin through applying soothing cream over said zone(preferrably recommended from doctor/supplier)- thus reducing/re-improving swelling plus being accountable since everyone will definitely ask about discomfort(with extra exlamation points at their disposal!!

If there happen to be unsightly air bubbles..just prance around while breaking their spirits(especcially when cut loose).

Et voilà ! Your ileostomy collection system is once again complete!. Above procedures mustnt surpass 20 minutes only as tough dietary surprises await (#thankyougreencabbage)

It’s true suave/smooth ostomates have the privilege of changing pouch/plates in fewer than 10 minutes.. Don’t be bogged down if this feels unattainable to you, my friend – start out slow and steady. It gets easier with time and practice!


In conclusion, changing your ileostomy bag doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these simple steps and tips provided, you’ll find it easy-peasy; without having to face any unfortunate accidents or unpleasant outcomes. Just remember that everyone has their own unique way of dealing with an ostomy – so don’t let anybody’s stories throw shade on yours. Own it though humor is essential (If there’s free air freshener coming my way that is).