How to carry salt tablets on run?

As a runner, there is one thing that you can’t do without – salt. Without it, your body won’t function properly during and after your run. You need sodium because it helps in regulating fluid balance in the body, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission.

But how do you carry salt tablets while running? Worry not for I have devised a guide to help you carry those life-saving pills with ease(sarcasm at work).

Invest In Some Fancy Running Gear

The first step towards carrying salt tablets naturally is acquiring some fancy running gear that has pockets or hydration belts(figuring out what’s really comfortable). With hydration belts such as flipBelt Zipper Pocket Belt which boasts of 3 separate pockets (perfect spot for salt) options; allowing you easy access to whatever goodies are inside.

Another option would be buy shorts with several hidden pockets so you don’t walk around like someone who’s been trying hard(or even worse adjust every mile), these include Brooks Carbonite Shorts (a must-have).

## Stick Them To Your Body (Maybe Not Literally!!)

Why should they stick(considered non-fatal by many) just in one place when you could use multiple areas of your clothing(genius, am I right?). Use athletic tape or adhesive strips like RockTape Kinesiology Tape to attach them tightly(firm grasp assures no lost goods ) onto different parts of your body so they’re always within reach. Think about attaching them onto bicep/tricep area/chest/abdomen – depending on what feels most natural when moving(checkSafety Precautions Disclaimer Below)

Make sure not(!) cover up any spots required(advised dramatically!) due other requirements(like ventilation). Make a list(multiple lists if necessary(with colored pens please). This will enable you to spot the areas you have already used and not waste time locating them.

Incorporate Refilling Into Your Routine

Just like re-fuelling your body with water consistently, replenishing your salts supply during a run should be incorporated. Carrying enough salt tablets (useful for motivation), energy gels(choc-full of sugar) and water bottles means that you never have(never say never, remember this was probably sarcasm earlier)to stop frequently to restock(thank me later).

You may also opt for hydration packs(like CamelBak ‘Rogue’ Running Hydration Backpack) as they are specifically designed to accommodate refills much more efficiently.

Use Multifunctional “Pocket” Clothing

It’s all in the details- working smarter, not harder. You don’t want just any pocket clothing but multi-functional pocket clothingat an affordable price(give or take). Running apparel brands such as SPIbelt Waistband (compact storage fashion) or Nathan Zipster Running Belt(which comes with multiple zippered pockets preventing small slip-ups) has got your back(okay, literally!!

Opting for pants(hello there winter runners!), specifically ones developed(i.e targeted audience innovation! ) by running enthusiasts like Under Armour Men’s Launch Run Pants which comes equipped with pockets located at strategic positions perfect when carrying salt tablets during a long haul-out lap will keep you feeling secure(fitness attire is underrated IMHO).

Bring Salt Tablets In A Resealable Bag

Hey! What’s easily smashable & breakable? Yep – most things accidentally dropped on tarmac; however,salt pills survive against all odds(within reason)! Also extremely important is securing them from moisture(MILDEW ALERT!). Simply store them carefully in a resealable bag(zip-lock bags work great!) before stashing them away into whichever compartment according(you’ve learnt well #2).

In Conclusion

Running and being health-conscious means you are probably focusingsurely!!(fingers crossed)on staying hydrated during a run. Don’t forget to also keep your electrolytes balanced with salt tablets throughout the run. Using any of the methods above will ensure that you carry them efficiently and effectively while avoiding any unnecessary drama(losing salts mid-run). Keep running as long as possible -until your legs give up on you(wouldn’t that be sad too soon- personal opinion-yours may vary!). Happy Running!

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