How to care for bronchitis at home?

So, you’re coughing up a lung and feeling like death warmed over. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Whether you contracted bronchitis from that coworker who insists on coming into the office when they’re sick or catching it from your kids who bring every germ home from school with them, dealing with bronchitis can be a challenge.

The good news is that there are things you can do at home to help manage your symptoms and get back on the road to recovery. Read on for our guide to caring for bronchitis at home.

What Is Bronchitis Anyway?

First off, let’s start with some basics. Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lining of your bronchial tubes (the tubes that carry air to and from your lungs) which causes a persistent cough and other respiratory symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness,and shortness of breath.In most cases,it will clear up within 2-3 weeks,but can last longer.You may experience episodes of acute/chronic bronkitis.”Acute” refers to a sudden attack while “Chronic”refers ti long-standing inflammation in the airways; both conditions present similar symptoms but differenciate in their duration.

There are two main types of bronchitis:

1) Acute – this typically lasts anywhere from 10 days up until three weeks
2) Chronic – persists longer than three months out of each year usually lasting several years

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Broncitus

Symptoms often appear after colds or flu.Symptoms include:
Chest pain.
Persistent cough (usually dry)
wheezig ,especially during expiration(shortened breathing capacity).This results when impediments block airflow through tiny passages inside lungs known as alveoli.
Low-grade fever ; a body temperature of 37.8℃ to 38.9℃ .
Fatigue,postnasal drip,coughing with phlegm.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

When you’re sick with bronchitis (or any respiratory illness), it’s essential to stay hydrated. This helps to thin out mucus in your airways and makes it easier for you to cough it up.It is recommended that adults should drink at least eight glasses of water per day when they have bronchitis.Apart from plain clean water,a choice may be non-alcoholic beverages or soups.Foods high in liquid content such as juicy fruits,Honey among other foodstuff/vegetables might also be considered.You can chew sugarfree-carrots ,radish etc.,gums or candies help stimulation of more saliva production which constitute mucosal lubrication(whatever this means).

What To Avoid ?

Just like some foods relieve symptoms,it is paramount that there are measures taken so as not worsen the situation.Anything triggering irritation,toxic or made breathing hard needs avoidance.One could:
• Quit smoking
• Avoid alcohol
• Stay away from polluted areas –especially if you live near factories .Traffic jams,the fuel fumes tend induce choking/ irritating on people having already respitory-related issues In addition,tips for those wishing their children speedy recovery and protection include restrictions on playing outside late into the evening-or during poor weather conditions.

Keep The Air Humidified

Another way to loosen up sticky mucus in your chest Associated with Acute broncitus,is by adding moisture top dry indoor air.This ensure comfortability indoors.Also,body dehydration would likely reduce if the surrounding atmosphere was cool,modesrate amd a bit mist-dense.Now,you don’t need to go buy an expensive humidifier “A large bowl filled partially with water placed at a radiator section or any heat source in the home can induce same results.” One may choose to add essential oils,to be more specific eucalyptus oil which loosens & frees phlegm buildup.

Do’s and Don’ts with Humidifier

a humidifier might soothe irritated tissue lining of nasal cavities,speedier mucus flow ,often means mucal irritation reduction, and speed up recovery rate.Quite understandably,there are safety precautions or guidance required.These include:

Use a cool mist humidifier if you have childrenin the household. . Don’t overdo it with adding water: Adding much water could cause increased humidy/saturated air inviting molds/fungi.
Refill your unit every day DO NOT use tap water- minerals present therein forms scale inside product reservoirs..
Use distilled/purified water Avoid metal sponge cleaning(includes dishwasher operation ),and regularly disinfect device during usage periods to eliminate bacteria pathways

Rest As Much As Possible

You’re not going to make a speedy recovery from bronchitis (or any illness) by pushing yourself too hard.You need rest – and plenty of it! Not just for physical health but also for emotional wellbeing.If possible,take days off from work ,reduce house chores,pause daily stressful expectations–focus on being elevated while still dealing with other symptoms.Gravity is working against you when you’ve got bronchitis (or ) so laying down,right egupped cushions head-high would reduce cough-immune irritations.In essence,much less sitting/standing is advisable ; elevated position spells relief!

Things To Do When Taking Time Off Resting

  • If resting seems boring,take time watching movies,listning musical sounds ,read books-maybe comic books-those that would trigger laughter episodes.
    Meditation or quiet environment should be your preferred choices to set inner peace ..Furthermore,yoga exercises might work .
  • Keep in touch with friends/family if that makes you feel good-being lonely is really unhealthy.


Maybe your throat is sore from all the coughing,or just an after effect of having flu-like symptoms’tis a well-known trick used for treating colds & similar,it comes as no suprise too that its one of solution ways on how o relax bronchitis.Gargling ,with salty water may reduce irritation/soreness by moistening tissues lining the mouth tonsils and oral cavity.”Try using at least 1/4-1/2tsp(weenie amount)pour soon-to-be-hot water mixed salt.Then,swirl it around,and spit”.Doing this severally ensures maximum improvement.

Other Thing That Can Help Your Throat feel better.

Aside from gargling,some other household body soothing tricks include:

SNOOPES: A common candy enjoyed by us Anglophones soothes nasal blockage(releasing way),throat &irritated nerves .It laces out menthol ingredients which tone entire respiratory system instantly.SO,whenever next time you develop Flu,favor sucking MINTYE REVELATIONS type to lessen irritation-induced coughs.

Over-the-Counter Medicine can help Reduce Symptoms

There are many over-the-counter treatments for bronchitis available.Among these are expectorants,cold medications,pain relievers(highly recommended)and/or anti-inflammatory drugs.In terms of option listed above,Pain quick-fix eg :aspirin;mostly relieve pain while prescribed antibioticis deal directly with pathogens-causing inflammation.MUCUS DRYING AND CLEARZINE DRUGS LIKE THAMOACIN-SORBITRATE MAY ALSO BE CAREFULLY TAKEN.(Though must bear in mind dosage limits).

However,it is important to speak with a pharmacist or doctor before taking any medication particularly when children are involved as dosages might differ and, reaction-wise one could develop allergies anyone susceptible should probably stay a mile off antibiotics without specialist consultation.

All medicines aren’t equal

Keeping that in mind,the choice between counter drugs is often perplexing.As most patients choose based on popularity , advised procedures would be good comsultations from professional medical practitioner such as doctors.The other factor/Points of note includes possible over-the-counter medications contraindications;whether they’re safe for your age brackets ( >50yrs old),or whether the drug bears side effects/allegies particularly.However,if you desire something less chemical related,IbUpURfen GEL-is an anti-inflammatory solution rubbed directly on chest parts-also comes recommended..


Bronchitis can be tough,but by following these simple steps,you can soothe your symptoms and get back to feeling healthy again. From staying hydrated to getting plenty of rest,to using additional everyday tricks e.g snoop,caring for bronchitis at home has never been easier.Just remember,your health comes first -so take care folks!.

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