How to care for a sprained ankle at home?

Welcome, fellow humans! You may have recently undergone that dreaded stumble on the pavement or twisted your ankle jumping over scorching fires. Either way, congratulations! You now belong to the elite group of people who are privy to the joys and sorrows of a sprained ankle.

Now, before you grab that crutch from under your bed and start hobbling around in agony like freaking Frankenstein’s monster… wait up! Why not give these home remedies a shot first?

In this article we’ll cover some humor-filled tips about relieving pain from THAT annoying twerk in your foot with little venture outside. But remember: if you experience extreme swelling or excruciating pain, see your doctor immediately.

Are you ready to laugh through (and heal) the unbearable torture known as an ankle sprain? Let’s get started!

First off – Rest is No Joke

Some things are simple yet incredibly difficult (talking about resisting temptation here), but resting when dealing with injury should be non-negotiable. Whether it’s watching cat videos, reading comics or taking tons of naps – just kick back, relax and binge-watch Law & Order SVU all day long.

Try downloading audio books so that while lying down with ice packs wrapped around your foot, you can immerse yourself in another world without having any strain on those feeties. Trust us–your physical well-being will thank you for lending yourself time off feeties.

I Scream Ice Cream – The Magic of Cold Therapy

Icy-cold treats aren’t only therapeutic for blasting heat waves outta our hair. If employed precisely after sustaining an injury like an ankle sprain… they work superb wonders too!

Pack bagged ice into a towel –- whichever good quality towel that won’t fall apart in your hands — and apply it gently to the affected area for 20 minutes at a time alternating every two hours. If you’re craving something colder and yum, treat yourself with party-sized strawberry sundaes (after all, pain lessens with dairy)!

Compression: Keep Your Feetie’s Warm & Snuggly

Sprained ankle swelling can be quite troublesome –- heck even sneaking glances downward towards discolourment is enough to give anyone the spooks.

But don’t panic! Simply strap on an elastic bandage around your foot as if wrapped snug like when we catch mommy’s warm embrace during winter nights; just make sure the wrap isn’t too tight though since we really don’t wanna choke our feeties now do we?

You could also switch things up by wearing compressing socks which gives us similar relief – without a Band Aid hanging out of our shoes.

Elevation: Put Those Feeties Up!

Who doesn’t love lifting their legs after battling through working hours? Same thing goes for a sprained ankle – especially as it will feel soothing af. Try lying down on your bed or couch while placing pillows beneath your swollen foot so it sits higher than heart level.

Now stretch out those arms and grab some cartoon shows or head phones brimming with fun pod casts…just remember not to over extend toes while doing so lest we have another owie moment again.

Pro Tips:

  • Maintain precise care-giving aim but remember: no more jumping jacks 3 seconds after applying compresses.
  • Elevate The Sacred Spot; raise ya ankles above heart-level-similar-to-pampering-yourselves-at-the-spa-zone
  • Spend most of rest cycles observing movie critiques
    If applied precisely with tolerance, these methods shorten recovery time from faffing away centuries calculating pi number values -so bond with your home remedies, let the healing commence!

Medications: Last but Not Least

In certain cases, there’s no alternative to medicine for obtaining relief. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can be quite helpful when combating swelling and pain post-injury.

But before we start popping pills faster than a high-schooler who just found out SAT results are being released–ensure you have medicaments kept by-yo-side at all times because injuries will never come knocking on our doors “announcing themselves”.

Always consult health advisor beforehand about required doses or take free expert advice available from Google Scholar.

To Wrap Up

So here we have it guys – an insightful article, plus some really helpful tips if we do say so ourselves, concerning how to deal with ankle sprains in the comfort of your own homes. Hopefully this has provided the comic relief (“insert sending positive vibes”) while taking away that cruel suffering which most likely resulted due to years spent perfecting Shaolin kicks or chasing down hall monitors during lunch time!

Just remember: take things easy and don’t push yourself too hard (Unless it’s pushing play on Netflix).

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