How to Cancel Coursera Subscription: Easy Steps

If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you’ve had enough of last year’s Biology course or maybe the fundamentals of digital marketing didn’t quite strike a chord. Whatever it is that has made you want to cancel your Coursera subscription, I’ve got easy steps for cancelling it without breaking a sweat.

Step 1: Log in to your Account

Go ahead and log in (if you can remember your password) into your Coursera account. If only all passwords were as memorable and uncomplicated as ‘password123’, we wouldn’t have any logging issues or lengthy sign-in processes.

Step 2: Accessing Your Subscriptions

Once logged in, click on the profile icon found at the top right corner of the page, which will reveal relevant tabs such as ‘Settings’, ‘Courses’ and ‘Subscriptions’ among other options.

Step 3: Previewing Your Active Subscriptions

Under subscriptions, find and select the active subscription tab. This information lets you know what courses are currently running by highlighting their names alongside their expiration dates/ rolling-periods minus an option to cancel them if so desired.

It’s always important to take time familiarizing yourself with various software interfaces before chasing phantom charges down drains especially when they’re real bills!

Why Pay for Nothing?

I mean unless there’s gold dust falling out from each video lesson watched religiously since subscribing around six months back; why pay?

These funds can definitely come in handy elsewhere so don’t hesitate. Proceed now!

Make sure that before clicking anything else confirm once more- these listed cancelations match those subscriptions not pending payment(s).

Simple mistakes often lead us down prolonged routes that instead could’ve taken seconds – but procrastination is easier than proofreading erratically clicked selections ie disappearing cash & hope!

Making sure everything checks out and is in sync prior to confirming your selected option saves time, stress AND money.

Step 4: Cancelling Your Subscription

Now, select the subscription you want to cancel. Next, click on ‘Cancel’. You then receive an option of whether or not you wish to keep access until the end date; alternatively instantly cancelling with immediate access loss can commence too.

Warning: Downgrading from a paid subscription means any certifications attained will also no longer be presented ie “I signed up for Health Informatics around Spring time last year but Life happened so I’ll never get that Certification Badge” (you wouldn’t want this now would you?).

This is a point where one verifies each prompt being viewed/selected as they appear (understanding = peace-of-mindfolly = pray-thinking) put simply BECAUSE if all or part of what’s read isn’t understood it makes ideal sense NOT TO CLICK CONFIRM yet!

Doing so without understanding consequences commonly leads to blunt excuses whereby we blame everything BUT ourselves- classic self pity!

Once confirmed though, barring legal court intervention; it’s goodbye Coursera – It may seem depressing cutting ties sniffles, like tearing off band-aids constantly or removing favorite chewing gums intermittently during work-stress; however new paths lead onward thus onwards & forwards – plus Coursera always welcomes back anyone at anytime…well hopefully no more than three times considering cancellation rates (unlike reading terms and agreements).


Remember its etiquette replacing habits i.e., watching movie reviews till cheeks burn instead claiming education payment subsidies streaming films at leisure will make life difficult sooner or later don’t cheat yourself STudy harD!


Finally each person decides their reasons for needing/not needing Coursera subscriptions nevertheless whatever yours might be doubtless outlined steps above will definitely help- bring your subscription to a close expeditiously.

Life is more like Burger King than McDonald’s, meaning we have the opportunity decide with freedom without concerns of getting served cold fries or questionable buns!


Due Diligence safeguards minimizes anxiety ensures clarification checks and confirmation of varied procedures. What each person decides doesn’t account for permanent solution neglect as worthwhile continuous reevaluations prove necessary when making changes such as these.

Don’t forget Coursera covers quite possibly everything education-related so keep it at the back-burner in case academic ambitions need a quick reset button – it remains only one click away!