How to buy 21 day fix?

Are you tired of wondering how to get truly fit? Have you tried countless workouts and diets that just seem too hard or unsustainable? Look no further, because the 21 Day Fix is here to change your life! In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know about buying the program and getting started. Get ready for some laughs along the way!

What is the 21 Day Fix?

Before getting into how to buy it, let’s talk about what exactly the 21 Day Fix is. This program, created by fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese, is meant to help people lose weight and tone up through a combination of meal planning and daily workouts. The idea behind it is that in just three weeks (hence “21 day”), users can develop healthy habits that will stick with them long-term.

Why Choose The 21 Day Fix?

There are a lot of diet plans out there. So why choose this one? Here are some reasons someone might be attracted to the 21 Day Fix:

  • It emphasizes portion control rather than strict calorie counting
  • Workouts range from beginner-friendly yoga videos to high-intensity cardio sessions
  • There’s an active online community for support and encouragement throughout the process
  • It includes pre-planned meals so there’s less guesswork involved in deciding what/how much to eat each day

Of course, every person has their own goals when starting a new fitness regimen – but those are some general benefits folks have found with this program!

Buying Options

Now that we’ve talked up this plan so much…how do you actually purchase it?? Luckily there are a few different ways:

Option One: From Beachbody Directly

The company Beachbody sells many popular fitness programs including P90X, Insanity, etc – naturally they also sell The 21 Day Fix. Here’s how to buy from their site:

  1. Head over to the Beachbody store
  2. Either search for “21 Day Fix” in the search bar or look under “Fitness Programs” and click on it there
  3. Choose to buy just the DVDs (if you have your own containers already) or a package that includes both workouts and portion control containers
  4. Check out & pay!

Option Two: Through Amazon

If you’re wary of buying directly through BeachBody, The 21 Day Fix can also be purchased through Amazon, with some options for Prime free shipping.

  1. Search specifically for “21 Day Fix” in Amazon’s search bar OR go through the fitness section under ‘Departments’
  2. Scroll through different purchasing options until you find one that suits your preferences
  3. Add to cart, checkout; wait by mailbox eagerly 📫

What Comes In The Box?

Once you’ve made your purchase – what exactly will come? That varies slightly depending on which route you took whilst buying…but here are some general things people can expect when opening up their brand new 21 Day Fix bundle:

  • A set of color-coded portion control containers
  • Workout DVDs (number depends on package bought)
  • A workout calendar outlining what workouts should be done each day
  • Printed/electronic guides detailing meal plans, recipes, etc

An important thing not included in these purchases is food itself – users will need to stock up on groceries according to whatever plan they choose from provided resources.

Wrapping Up

Phew! Hopefully this guide helped clarify some key information about how to buy and start using The 21 Day fix program effectively! Remember no matter where/how it’s purchased or utilized won’t work if effort isn’t put in from the user’s side. Happy 21 day journeying!

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