How to burn the most calories on the elliptical?

The struggle is real- you want to stay fit, but you also love eating all those extra calories. Well then, do we have some news for you: with an elliptical machine, you can burn more calories than a trash fire in Yellowstone national park.

Choosing Your Machine

Before diving into how to burn off those donuts like it’s nobody’s business, let’s talk about choosing the right machine to get results.

Invest in Quality

Listen up now, because this is important–you should be willing to shell out some cash for quality equipment because your body deserves better than half-broken machines and squeaky pedals.

Resistance Matters

When it comes to burning actual buttloads of calories on your elliptical, resistance matters! So choose wisely.

Choose one that has at least 16 resistance levels
– This will give you variety and allow you progressively increase intensity over time.

Avoid cheat codes
– Any machine offering magical calorie-burning programs or convenient “fat blasting” buttons are probably lying through their metallic teeth.

Foot Placement & Body Posture

Shoulder hunching during exercise should only happen if someone jumpscares you from behind (not cool)
If someone hasn’t sneak attacked whilst performing exercise,you must remain upright!

You’ll actually manage yourself better long-term when following these expert tips:

  1. Keep feet flat
  2. Hands by sides
  3. Back straight
  4. Head up
    5.Strike using heels first.

Time Yourself Right

Now that we’ve covered basics regarding foot placement and posture, here’s another vital piece of puzzle- timing so listen closely:

Warm-up and Cool Down

That heart rate? Ok we need that ramped Up before start.That’s why a quick warmup period not-so-subtly called as a “Pre-Workout” exist in every decent elliptical machine.

Similarly, don’t rush off that pedal as soon as workout is done! Take a breather with short cool down period to avoid cramping up later.

Set Your Resistance Correctly

Once you feel warmed and ready, it’s time to push yourself — reverse white water rafting levels of pushing your body on this one.

Get resistance settings cranked up so you can ski right to the peak of a Swiss mountainside in no time.

Workout Methods

There are two primary methods:
1) Steady progressive cardio

Steady progressive sessions burn calories at consistent lower level than HIIT which maximizes calorie-burning over shorter periods using intervals.

Progressive Cardio Method

Go steady, stay focused!

Step 1: Start at moderate pace
Step 2: Increase resistance every couple minutes or km.
Step 3: Maintain for an hour like some kind of Cyborg till internal organs begin sounding alarms.

Following these tried-and-tested steps,prestigious accolades will rain down like confetti confirming finally that you’re worthy enough. Either way,you’ll be pretty tired-so good job regardless!

HIIT Method(aka The Peach Method)

This method involves high bursts( think Humpty-Dumpty level burst if he ran into those kings horses post-fall)
Do this:
– Warm-up well beforehand
– Get your machine groovin’ only medium-high resistance and start interval cycle!
+ work hardout for around thirty seconds,
+ then hold for slightly longer recovery period.
Kudos–you’ve just entered High-drive mode

-The ability to carry out tough drills is heightened when alternating between low/high intensity workouts. It's definitely not easy,but fitting all calories burnt from pizzas consumed within a week, is an equally tough task. Practice to get perfect at this method!

Miscellaneous but Important Points

Monitor Heart Rate

Keep a check on that ticker!

Goal here:stay in it for longer periods of time without shortness of breath
– You can do manual checks
– Or just let your machine do the work and provide info regarding your heart rate

Psst–Wearing bands with sensors(includes smartwatches) give greater accuracy than machines(2 lesser thingies,on we go):

Working Multiple Muscle Groups

Shredding most calories means all muscles should put in some work.
Elliptical has 3 main muscle groups targeted:
– Glutes
– Quadriceps
– Calves

If you want additional booty-spanking exercise,kick-box whilst ellipticalling(Genuinely cannot confirm if safe)

Check out below table showcasing whether certain body bits get enough love from doing Elliptical.

Body Bit Treatment(Ellipitical Wise)
Arms Walk holding dumbbells or stick arms forward
Core Add cross country skiing motion while maintaing posture upright
Shoulders Increase incline level


A good session on the elliptical with lots calories burnt allows us more cheat days (Yay!) and maintain that healthy lifestyle/body. With these handy tips,you’re now equipped to be like Bruce Lee ON THE ELLIPTICAL! Keep pushing limit across these platforms until next workout peps-u up again!

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