How to build up your shoulder muscles?

Are you tired of looking like a chicken with featherless wings? Do your shoulders look thinner than a strand of hair? Fear not, dear reader! This guide will help you build up those shoulder muscles in no time. Here are some tips, tricks and exercises that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger jealous.

The Anatomy Of Your Shoulders: It’s Not Just About The Bones

Before getting into the specifics of exercise routines, it’s important to understand how your shoulders work. There are three main muscles in your shoulders:

  1. Anterior deltoid – located on the front side of the shoulder
  2. Medial deltoid – located on the middle part of the shoulder
  3. Posterior deltoid – located on the back side of the shoulder

Each muscle has its own function and working together they allow for complete movement and control over the joint.

Recipe For Success: Diet And Resting Tips

Building up muscles is not just about exercising; what you eat plays a massive role too. You need nutrients such as protein that helps rebuild muscle tissue after tearing them down during workouts.

Get enough sleep too since this is when your body repairs itself after workouts at supersonic speed!

Exercises That Will Tone Those Deltoids Faster Than Lightning

Enough chit-chat, let’s get moving! Grab a mat or find an open space where you can perform these tests without killing anyone around you:

1- Overhead Press

This exercise targets all three heads but primarily focused on anterior delts by pushing something heavy overhead.

Set Reps
warm-up 15 reps using dumbbells weighing roughly 25% less than actual workout weight
workout 4 sets by doing 8-10 reps each set

2- Lateral Raise

The focus of this exercise is medial deltoids.

Set Reps
warm-up 20 reps using lightweight dumbbells
workout 3 sets by doing 12-15 reps each set

3- Rear Delt Fly

This movement focuses on the posterior delts, alternatively try to flex your scapula while raising weights slightly behind you.

Set Reps
warm-up 10 reps simply lifting weights vertically with back against wall for support. Tense shoulder blades in a natural range throughout the move
workout: select one option presented below and do try to complete without rest between exercises.
1. One giant set containing chest fly for first simple resistance training exercise (RTE) then followed by raised hamstring curl for second RTE; end with rear deltoid fly): Do three cycles total.
2. Same as previous method but replacing a traditional chest-fly workout by involving gradual descent press resting regiment commonly known as eccentric focus training.

These couple of exercises should get use started but over time you can always increase these prerequisite numbers along similar methods:

A: Increase Weight

If it isn’t painful enough, go ahead and add some more pounds! This adds an extra bit of tension which means greater muscles tearing down & rebuilding!

Before diving into higher risks like increasing resistance or starting new motions it’s important to remember that our slow-twitch muscle fibers are used adjacent towards endurance-esque movements than explosiveness.

B: Variants Are Your Best Friends

Variety reduces monotony and subsequently make routines interesting thereby promoting consistency.

C: Upright Rows, Front Raises and Push-Ups

These three exercises along with the others previously mentioned put together can be used to build and tone your deltoids.



There you have it folks! Take these tips on board, make sure that diet is right for those gains alongside getting enough sleep before putting in work. No more slacking off or procrastinating. It’s time to get those shoulders looking like boulders so big that rival Mount Everest itself! Drop the mic.