How to build good communication in a relationship?

Are you tired of communicating with your partner only through passive-aggressive texts and leaving post-it notes on the fridge? It’s time to improve your communication skills and foster a healthy relationship that will withstand even the worst fights over leftovers.

Understanding Communication

Before we dive into tips on how to communicate effectively, let’s take a moment to understand what communication actually means. According to Merriam-Webster, communication is “the act or process of using words, sounds, signs or behaviors to express or exchange information”. In simpler terms… it’s talking without sounding like an idiot.

No matter how different our personalities are (which can be compared basically like hotdog & mustard), everyone wants their message conveyed effectively. So it’s important for both sides feel understood- but let’s face it: women think they’re always right (not really sure why) and dudes just want peace at whatever cost necessary e.g. Never argue during football games


1. Be clear and concise

When expressing a thought or concern, keep things simple! Don’t leave room for ambiguity (we get confused easily), instead use declarative statements and avoid turning everything into accusations. For example 😍:”I love when we spend time together.” 🤦‍♀️ If your goal is conflict resolution then phrases such as😒: “I don’t enjoy feeling ignored” does much better than pointing fingers 🔥:”You never listen”.

2. Listen actively

Listening isn’t only about hearing but rather processing what’s being said fully (oh yes rude interrupting counts). Take stock of all points made before jumping in because chances are he’d only stick by his guns with those interruptions every now & then – talk about frustrating! Trained active listening skills enable one party provide answer without coming out defensive [insert sarcasm]: “So, did you just learn that last trick now?”

3. Don’t get distracted

It’s important to give your partner (or wife) the attention they deserve when communicating! Put down all tech devices and look her in her beautiful eyes or as a gentleman would say 😍 “You want my full concentration, I’m all ears.” #TalkLessTextMore

4. Be Objective

No one is perfect 🙅‍♀️ so when issues arise it is important for both partners to look at them objectively and not place blame on either party. By acknowledging everyone has faults helps prevent things from getting worse before finding resolved.

5.Culture of Honesty

Honestly speaking if occasionally she’s hanging out with an ex..he has no reason to doubt unless there was previously a breach of trust- but don’t forget jealousy isn’t always necessary proof of love anyway😅

Create an open line/relationship where partners can bring up anything without fear of negative consequences; this means occasional dose hard truth – whether big or small won’t hurt anyone but will help grow & resolve more effectively.

6.Vocalize Your Appreciation

Everyone loves being appreciated woo-hoo!! However it’s common for people tend to express gratitude less often after familiarity sets in (ugh forgetting compliments.. Typical)🤦‍♂️ So make sure both sides feel valued through vocal affirmation.(Best way we know how: Buy something nice)


Building effective communication skills takes time and practice, but it’s worth putting in the effort in order ensure healthier relationship with your significant other ☑️ (all the ladies agree). Remember communicate thoroughly by staying clear and concise while actively listening 👂and using declarative statements instead blaming someone else (Classic relationship move)
Lastly follow sports rule books regarding respecting zone times ⏰ during game days🎯

Stay happy & blessed couples! ❤️

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