How to bruise your skin?

Are you tired of having flawless, unblemished skin? Do you long for the days when your legs looked like a game of connect-the-dots? Look no further! This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to bruise your skin and become a walking masterpiece.

Why Would Anyone Want to Bruise Their Skin?

Some people might be wondering why anyone would want to intentionally inflict bruises on themselves. Well, there are plenty of reasons!

  1. Fashion – these days it’s all about looking edgy and unique. And what better way than with some strategically placed bruises?
  2. Artistic Expression – some people believe that their body is a canvas and they use bruises as a form of artistic expression
  3. Fetish – okay this one might not be for everyone, but some people are really into bruising/blood play

Safety First!

Before we dive into the fun stuff, it’s important to remember that safety should always come first.

  • Always make sure any tools or objects you use on yourself are clean and sanitized.
  • Don’t hit yourself too hard or in areas where bones/discomfort could occur
  • If any bruising looks beyond normalcy please seek medical attention

With that being said let’s get started!

The Basics

When it comes down to it, creating bruises is just about causing small amounts of trauma beneath the surface level of your skin … Just don’t jump straight intol using dangerous methods before learning more about precautions.

Start off with light hits with appropriate areas until comfortable enough throughout the whole process:

  1. Kneading
  2. Example applied place- external rotations (shoulders) at end ranges.
  3. Pressing
  4. Example- forearms lightly struck against corners till redness appears
  5. Using fingers to lightly drum the skin over bony areas, like elbows or shins
  6. Massage Guns
  7. These devices are great for your pre-workout but they can also cause a level of bruising

The Toolbox

To make sure you get the most out of your experience by achieving those glorious marks on your body, you’ll need these items to aid:

  • Rolling Pin- perfect for larger spaces that need some pressure application throughout different angles woot
  • Spoon- specifically used because it creates less swelling
  • Pumice Stone – use this tool with lotion and hold it continuously against selected area while turning mini circles until redness appears.
  • Clothes Hanger – Yep! Any metal object shaped similar will work just fine.

Placement is Key!

Not all parts of the body are created equal when it comes to creating bruises; think about places that have adequate amounts of fat/muscle to soften blows/pressures. Completely avoid any surface “bone” areas…

  1. Biceps
  2. Shoulders
    4.Reabdominal region (which may not create a visible mark, but instead nice pain)

Timing is Everything

Creating matching bruises might be tricky in one-go however re-injury at random times could do the trick:


holding cutlery tight during breakfast

chopping wood or intense gardening tasks

Night Time
Having rope tied around upper thighs whilst sitting


Unevenly placing several heavy pillow-like materials and lying directly/often on them

Knitting/crocheting or other repetitive actions using fingers

Sleeping towards edge/head portion resulting in gravity pulling till morning which causes temporary indentation/bbrusing

Now, we know what you’re thinking…..

“Wowzers! This hurts quite a bit.”

But don’t you worry, as they say – No pain, no gain! Actually that saying sounds pretty awful in this context. Oh well.


Now that you’ve successfully become a human canvas it’s important to properly take care of the affected areas after each session:

1) Ice: Placing ice on the area for almost ten minutes should prevent swelling.
2) Elevate: Keeping your hurt zone high such like laying down or resting with head leaning backwards against wall.
3) Rehydrate: Drinking water will help boost blood flow which has been interrupted during bruising process
4) Brag- Show it off and be proud of those unique bruises!

Congratulations! Now go out there and show off your new artwork (or maybe avoid any public events for a bit…We won’t judge).