How to bring blood sugar down at home?

Let’s face it, sometimes we all need a little help bringing our blood sugar down. Maybe you indulged in one too many donuts (we’re not judging), or maybe your body is just not cooperating today. Whatever the reason may be, fear not because we have some hilarious tips and tricks for how to bring that pesky blood sugar level back down to earth.

Step 1: Get Moving!

The first step in any health journey is always the hardest. Just kidding! The first step is always easy- get moving! Exercise has been proven to lower blood sugar levels by helping your muscles absorb more glucose from your bloodstream.

But let’s make this fun, shall we? The key here is finding an activity that doesn’t feel like exercise (gasp). Here are some ideas:

  • Dance party with yourself (or invite friends for even more laughs)
  • Clean up your space while doing some air guitar solos
  • Walk around talking to various objects in a British accent

Remember, the goal here isn’t perfectionism or intensity. It’s about getting those endorphins flowing and having a jolly old time while at it.

Step 2: Hydrate Like Your Life Depends On It

What do you call someone who forgot their water bottle? Parched. Jokes aside, hydration can do wonders for regulating blood sugar levels (there’s nothing funny about dehydration)

When you’re dehydrated, your body naturally produces more cortisol – a stress hormone – which causes spikes in blood sugar levels! Oh no 😱 We don’t want that so drink up.

Settle down caffeine addicts; drinking black coffee/tea isn’t going to cut it this time 🚫 instead reach out for H20 sources including herbal teas and fruit-infused water drinks etc. Keep refilling until you feel as hydrated as one of those water dispensers in office kitchens.

Step 3: Breakup with Carbs (Temporarily)

Carbohydrates are the fastest source of glucose, aka sugar, when it comes to food. But what happens when there’s too much glucose? All hell breaks loose that’s right!

We’re not saying dump your love on carbs forever and get married off to keto diet but at least for a while if you can say “it’s not me, it’s you” and move away from:

  • Bread & pastries
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Sugary cereals

Instead munching onto fibre-rich foods such as berries and peas has proven to have beneficial effects on regulation of blood sugar levels so time for some new beginnings 💔🍝✂️💖

Step 4: Stress Less… More like Laugh Till Your Stitches Hurt

Yes honey that extra workload is killing us all! Believe it or not being stressed out over life events can lead to an increase in blood sugar levels.

This serious case requires humorous solutions which include :

  • Netflix binging with comedies
  • Doing deep breathing exercises while thinking about how ridiculous our world is 🌟
  • Video call with friends/family who make you laugh uncontrollably
  • Scream Therapy via blasting music !

Letting go of stress doesn’t always need yoga/meditation , sometimes all we need is just forget everything about work or deadlines – even if momentarily – switch things up; laugh your heart ❤️ out at anything & everything.

Step 5: Funky Fiber Intake

Fiber slows down carb absorption in guts eh brain?. The slower they take carb sugars into bloodstream less spikes occur … Plus fiber also helps keep our gut health ahem regular 👀

So what edibles should we be adding more into our menu?

Verdant veggies or Leafy Greens one might say. These sexily slim things have adiponectin which slows down glucose absorption to blood:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Swiss chard

Addition of some Berries in your yogurt bowl ?

You can’t forget about whole grains such as brown rice/whole wheat bread, also would recommend having one apple a day because quite literally it “keeps the diabetes at bay”

Step 6: Supplements? Naah Honey just Accept Tea! ☕️

Various supplements are claimed by companies to lower stomach sugar levels but did you know there is more natural entity that we don’t appreciate enough available over counter ? 🧐 Caffeine has also shown great promise for lowering blood sugar.

If coffee isn’t your cup of tea (pun intended) then reach out for some herbal teas like Green tea has been repeatedly proven to reduce sugar spikes after meals , acting as strong antioxidants 🍵 So let’s grab that mug and get sipping on this sweet solution!

Step 7 : Get Back To Reality – Monitor Your Levels Consistently

Now all fun aside, getting serious here📢 If you struggle with high blood sugar levels regularly or have any medical conditions related please consider going professional rather than relying on natural remedies alone doing so can dangerous 💉 It needs an official monitoring using a glucometer💉 machine so proper measurements must be taken frequently else problems may arise later ✋🏼

Other thing most important part of measures results? Keeping up with them consistenty i.e check during multiple times within day – before meal, after meal etc helps identify habits/personal triggers contributing 💥and should alert when reading seems way too -ORAH-Anormal (a little Sailor Moon™ reference there)

Conclusion :

Laughing Till The Stitches Hurt aka Laughter Therapy is easier said than done but it can be a great solution for managing blood sugar levels along with healthy routines 🌈🍏☕️ As always, the key is moderation and balance. And hey, if all else fails, just keep reminding yourself that laughter is the best medicine…alongside insulin injections 😉

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