How to brew chrysanthemum tea?

Are you tired of drinking the same plain old boring tea? Are you looking for a fresh, aromatic and floral replacement that can tickle your taste buds like never before? Well look no further because chrysanthemum tea is here to save the day! This magnificent drink provides numerous health benefits and can be enjoyed both hot or cold. In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know about brewing this flower power drink at home!


First things first, let’s start with the ingredients. The beauty of making chrysanthemum tea yourself is that it requires very few items.

Dried or Fresh Chrysanthemums

The most important ingredient of course are chrysanthemums themselves. There are two different types – dried and fresh ones.

Dried: These flowers come dehydrated which makes them perfect for long term storage. Not only do they last longer but their flavor also tends to be more intense compared to fresh chrysanthemums.

Fresh: If possible, always go for freshly picked organic flowers as these have a more subtle taste than their dry counterparts.


You cannot make tea without water – a staple ingredient in any recipe!


If you’re feeling fancy, add some sweetness by adding honey into your brew!


Now lets talk equipment.You’ll need:

Teapot/Kettle/Water Heater

In order to brew your tea, boiling water is necessary.

Tip: An electric kettle works great if you want accurate temperature control.

Strainer /Infuser

A strainer keeps the debris out whilst leaving all those beautiful flavors inside


Let’s get started on creating your own personal version of some amazing tasting refreshing goodness

  1. Measure up your loose flowers (or teabag) using a tablespoon as an approximate guideline per serving.

  2. Bring fresh cold water to the boil (if you have an electric kettle that can be preset, aim for 90-95C)

  3. Pour your hot water over the flowers and let them steep for about five minutes if they are dried or ten if they’re fresh!

  4. Strain out any little bits of flower with your strainer/infuser.

Simple Additions


If you want a sweet taste in your chrysanthemum tea, then add some honey into it! A word of caution: Only use high-quality organic honey-otherwise it could ruin the natural flavors

Boiling Water

Avoid adding boiling water to raw honey as it destroys all its therapeutic properties


The cool thing about chrysanthemum tea is that it makes for both a refreshing summer drink when served chilled or works great as a winter warmer too when served hot!

  1. Serve chilled

  2. Simply refrigerate for around an hour ahead and give yourself one of those mid-afternoon treats!

  3. Serve hot

  4. Brew your ingredients according to “Instructions”

  5. Pour your brew into some fancy cups

  6. Add ice depending on preference

Feeling fancy? Garnishyour cup with some mint leaves to add flavor and character

Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

This versatile floral beverage also comes loaded with numerous health benefits:

Rich In Vitamins

Chrysanthemums are fully packed up with vitamins such as A,C,D,E

Acts As An Anti-Inflammatory Agent

As an anti-inflammatory agent, this fantastic tea does wonders by reducing swelling – especially after puffy morning eyes!.

Improves Eyesight & Fights Eye ailments

As previously mentioned drinking chrysanthemum tea might do away eye conditions like itchy and swollen eyes, sties, dry eye syndrome or blurry vision.

Aids in Digestion

Chrysanthemums have natural components that can assist with digestion which helps to reduce bloating and indigestion

Potential Risks

  • Although Chrysanthemum tea has numerous benefits It is also important to note that consuming too much of it may cause nausea,vomiting,headache or dizziness.
  • For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding,it’s advisable to avoid drinking chrysanthemum tea – Unless you check with your doctor first.

Now go ahead impress yourself (and friends) by brewing the perfect cup of refreshing homemade chrysanthemum tea!