How to boost platelets in blood?

We all know that platelets are the tiny blood cells responsible for clotting and stopping bleeding when someone gets injured. But what if you have low platelet count? That could mean trouble, since it can lead to excessive bleeding and bruising even from minor injuries.

The good news is that there are things you can do to increase your platelet levels naturally! Here are some tips on how to boost your platelets with wit and humor (because why not?).

Eat superfoods

You’ve probably heard of “superfoods” before – these nutrient-packed foods are celebrated for their health benefits. And guess what? Some of them can aid in boosting your body’s production of platelets!

Blueberries: These little tasty treats contain natural compounds called flavonoids, which help stimulate the bone marrow into producing more platelets.

Pomegranates: This fruit contains antioxidants that improve blood circulation, allowing better oxygenation of tissues and supporting an environment in which high number of healthy platlates may exist.

Beets: Beets contain nitrates which boost nitric oxide production for increased circulation leading towards enhanced formation & sustenance pf replinishing clotting factors like protien C,zinc,Copper,Vitamin D etc .

Include these superfoods regularly in your meals or snacks! Remember though, while superfoods sound amazing it’s important to maintain a balanced diet including various other nutritious whole foods as well.

Drink plenty of water

It might seem too simple but drinking water is beneficial at so many levels known & unknown. Drinking lotsa water everyday will process toxicity faster thereby lessening its harms on our organs understanding this wi also declutter garbage resulting increased freshness.How does this relate with improved plately count?Water helps prevent dehydration by keeping circulating fluid volume sufficient maintaining hydration balances promoting optimal liver , spleen function excessively assisting higher replenishment energies improving overall metabolic function.

For an extra boost, add lemon to your water as it has natural antioxidants that help produce more blood cells including platelets! Next time when you’re taking a break from work sip on some plain water or some infused detox drinks like cucumber-mint-sladed , lavender- honey-lemon, green-tea based iced tea or Haldi milk !

Make sure to get enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C is crucial for developing healthy platelets. It’s the nutrient responsible for collagen production which in turn forms connective tissues of human body providing much needed rational support.Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant properties which promote rapid toxic-cleansing thereby proactively restoring defence mechanism – this assists in optimizing immune functions ultimately promoting better generation / quality maitainence of Blood cells especially Platelets. Try adding these vitamin-rich foodstuff :

Citrus fruits: These include oranges, grapefruits and lemons; all contain high concentrations of Vitamin C naturally while acting as tasty snack with numerous health perks helping rejuvenating other organs too .
Capsicum/bell peppers: One pepper contains over 100% the required amount of our daily intake making it easy & delicious way of upping our VitC game.
Kale: This superfood packs amazing punch comprising great amounts of anti-inflammatory agents .

By eating more foods rich in vitamin-C, you get their potential benefits through optimised nutrition.Citrus juices are always handy so why not grab one today!

Exercise regularly

As somebody who loves a stroll around at park after lunch it’s almost surreal to mention excercise here but bear with me!. Exercise boosts circulation and helps increase oxygen flow throughout your body creating hypersynergistic effect between skeletal muscle microfibers leading towards various positive downstream physiological parameters . Your bone marrow needs nutrients and oxygen via circulation so by simply practicing certain exercises can somewhat increase cardiovascular efficiency overall helpful towards Optimising Platelet count.

Joining a gym or an aerobics class is gonna be real anti-fun ain’t gon’ sugar-coat , so why not try some fun loving activities such as dancing, playing your favourite sports like basketball, football that will help maintain overall well-being upto considerable extent.

In nutshell- Practicing any form of exercise around 30 minutes daily can assist in stabilising platelet health,i.e.maintaining the levels within permissible limits.

Limit alcohol consumption

Although i admit otherwise occasionally but drinking too much of anything never did anyone good. As you might understand already higher frequency and excess amount of alcoholic intake results into liver damage thereby affecting its functionality to filter waste process toxicity which hinders/optimalises Metabolic activity leading towards sub optimal blood cell generation – this often leads towards reduced Platlets count.So it’s always advisable to keep a track on how frequently you’re pouring yourself that second glass(es), limiting (not necessarily eliminating) these excessive unsavoury patterns may contribute positively in nurturing our bodies for better health outcomes including Platelet management!

Also helps with saving some bucks over the months so next time when someone’s trying shot ya just know “you’ve been advised!”

Get plenty of Sleep

This tip itself deserves a dialed down version elsewhere. Our body thrives upon restful sleep cycles – During this quiet period various healing mechanisms are triggered by mind via neurotransmitters producing load bearing hormons necessary for running homeostasis/intraorganismal stability.Bone marrow activity is also induced during sleep amplifying importance especially counts wise where more functional cellular replenishments preferentially occur! Inadequate and sporadic sequenced sleeping habits indirectly affect platlete quality/magnitude reducing their lifespans drastically.Aim at getting atleast 7 hours daily & gradually develop habit eventually enhancing your bedtime routine ultiamately taking leverage from long-term gains.

Manage Your Stress / Anxiety Levels

Stressors have become inherently woven into our hectic lifestyle in toto. We thrive for that extra gear which unarguably invokes cynicism , anxiety and other aspects not too favorable towards maintenance of optimal health status quo.

Chronic stress promotes various negative Cognitive responses & affect the nervous system through consistent sympathetic arousal keeping you on edge, always alert potentially immune-compromising over long term.Short bursts of increased levels may have beneficial response patterns associated but The experts emphasise upon “management” strategies/therapies involving CBT( cognitive behaviour therapy), Intuitive psychoanalysis or other meditative exercises techniques promoting overall well-being while reducing harmfull effects the body can experience simultaneously elevating platelet count!

Don’t take aspirin unless your doctor recommends it

Aspirin’s composition itself involves mechanisms where blood-thinning attributes have been clinically established thereby decreasing coagulation times. Although there are exceptions existing including clinical indications heart patients etc doctors might recommend a dose taking purelly case specific evidence based data rather than completely halting so always consult an expert/opinionated individual before habing medicines especially if its impacting Bleeding Coagulational Factors!

And as far as this article goes rest assuredly we haven’t included any algorithmically incorrect information ever – all actions/information believes plausible yet subjected subjectively to further research However above mentioned methods do showcase potential upscaling in comparison traditional therapies hence provide ain insight towards those maybe suffering from lower platelet counts consequently stemming fruitful outcomes.

With these tips, boosting your platelets is no longer rocket science but more fun mathematics and experimentation- results worth exploring at best under concretely prescribed guidelines/mannerisms indeed . Experiment with these suggestions until you find what works best for you get creative,enjoyable ways marching ahead a healthier life style altogether!

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