How to block estrogen receptors naturally?

Estrogen, one of the primary hormones in women, can also be found in men. It’s responsible for numerous physiological activities and is crucial for reproductive health. However, too much estrogen produced by the body or from external sources like medications can lead to a variety of problems including breast cancer, mood swings, water retention and more.

One way of controlling this hormone level is through blocking estrogen receptors naturally using certain foods or supplements. This article will take you on an exciting journey and teach you how to keep your estrogen levels under control!

What are Estrogen Receptors?

Before diving deep into tips on how to block these receptors, let’s understand them first!

Estrogen receptors (ERs) are proteins that bind with hormones such as estrogens-estradiol or estrone,to trigger responses in various tissues throughout the body. The primary function of these receptors is signal transduction – which refers to signals being sent from outside the cell reaching its nucleus causing changes within/around it.

There are two types of ERs known as ER alpha and ER beta – they work differently depending upon their contexts & situations.

These receptors contribute significantly towards determining bone density regulation or mammary gland development; Playing essential roles during puberty stages/menstruation cycles alongside late-life developmental encounters affiliated with pregnancy/breastfeeding phases due primarily because it aids in nurturing newborn offspring properly until weaning begins.

Foods That Can Help

The good news here’s that you don’t have resort immediately towards artificial drugs!
Here are some natural options available through diet:


Flaxseeds contain plant compounds called lignans which helps balance hormonal imbalances like excess estrogen..

It also contains phytoestrogens i.e., substances similar structurally & biologically functioning just like human-body-produced hormonestriggering poorer binding capabilities than actual ones., thus lowering total estrogen duration due to poor binding rates!

Apart from this, flaxseeds are also rich in fiber – a perfect source for preventing constipation.


Pomegranates contain ellagic acid and tannins displaying anti-inflammatory responses alongside anti-hyperglycemic effects.
They have been reported to show significant results significantly relating towards lowering estrogen levels through the reduction of aromatase – an enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogens., supporting breast cancer prevention


Broccoli is another food that helps lower estrogen production thanks to sulphorophanes which increase liver detoxification rate.

This process works by breaking down harmful substances present in our body and eliminating them efficiently, thereby decreasing toxicities. By functioning via these methods, broccoli surely qualifies as a potent natural tool towards enhancing health conditions dramatically.

Supplements That Can Help

Sometimes dietary changes might not give you desired results; if that happens then we may need supplements like:-

DIM (Diindolylmethane)

DIM is formed when cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts or cauliflower get broken down. It’s a unique compound found within these veggies with various benefits including reducing menopause-related problems such as hot flashes and bone loss.

But one exciting unknown yet vital benefit of DIM arrives from its capability – here it can help regulate hormonal imbalances within the body by blocking excess bad-estrogen movements.Thus blocks estrogen receptors smoothly,taking optimal control realistically away against issues regarding early-morning fatigue/hormonal disorders commonly found amongst many women across different age groups today!

Calcium D-glucarate

Calcium D-glucarate plays an essential role in improving detoxification processes in humans.
It’s derived naturally from glucuronic acid found mainly therein human cells; once consumed, it’s cleaved into glycine and D-glucaric acid.

This powerful combination works by inhibiting beta-glucuronidase enzymes that hamper liver detoxification capabilities, supporting healthy estrogen levels & protecting cells against damaging environmental toxins all at once!

Avoid Foods That Increase Estrogen

When trying to lower your body’s estrogen levels naturally, it’s essential to avoid certain foods. These are typically the ones high in phytoestrogens-small amounts mimicking hormone function; estrogens found mostly in plant-based food items like soybeans/flaxseeds., rather than excessive bad-estrogen production

Apart from these select high-protein diets – “red meat”and dairy products consumed regularly can increase Estrogen levels as well (grass-fed options are morally/ethically better choices indeed!).

In general try specifically keeping red meat meals minimized when possible while avoiding cancer-causing hormones used within conventional agriculture practices found amongst unadventurous individuals only too often.


In conclusion here we provided insightful knowledge regarding how one can naturally block excess estrogen receptors thereby lowering total estrogen availability using some natural remedies even if not perfect which should be adopted every now-and-then without delaying further due diligence altogether!.

Eat clean maintain a balanced diet, limit exposure to harmful substances wherever feasible alongside supplementing with DIM or Calcium D-Glucurate as needed for necessary support gaps towards becominghealthier versions of ourselves!

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