How to block dht at the source?

Listen up, people with hair loss issues! Have you been struggling to maintain your luscious locks because of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)? For those of you who don’t know what DHT is, it’s a hormone that attacks your hair follicles and causes them to miniaturize into an embarrassing balding patch.

But wait, before you grab those expensive shampoos or opt for fancy surgeries, have you considered blocking the source – yes we mean stopping the production of DHT in the first place? Keep reading my fellow sufferers as we will give you fool-proof ways on how to block DHT at its very roots.

What is Dihydrotestosterone(DHT)?

First things first- Let’s get down to brass tacks…what exactly is this sneaky culprit named ‘DHT’? Well folks,it’s a thorn in our foot which one can’t seem to remove easily. Testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. Yes, it may be helpful in puberty stages like creating male body hair but once enough testosterone has transitioned into Dht then that leads to terrible hair loss.Backed by regular studies,the good news with anything medical means there are lots of treatments available.Write whatever products come out ,but they all do not show logic here and somewhere even fall short on claims .The thing why they fail lies behind something important…

Why Traditional Treatments Fail?

Let’s talk about traditional methods folks.Unfortunately today,Dht blockers like finasteride or dutasteride doesn’t always work without any side effects.At times these synthetic substances destroy male hormones so much that sticking around with their chemical counterparts isn’t worth going through anymore.This includes potential sex drive drops & irregularities.Thankfully,errr happily…Nature has answered.So,Fighter,get ready as we are going to accept Mother Nature’s help.

Types of Natural DHT Blockers:

1. Saw Palmetto:

Ever heard about a fruit which can aid you in getting back your shiny long hair?Let me introduce you to our first superstar – the humble saw palmetto. It is believed that this small berry works by blocking the production of the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT.This helps stop Dht from binding onto hair follicles and causing baldness.So,munching down some saw palmettos could block your chances of ever seeing these scalp patches again..

2. Zinc up!

Zinc is an important mineral and participates in a plethora of biological pathways including those leading towards healthy skin,hair growth not only reducing levels of dht but also enhancing immune response.Yes,that’s right! However,don’t get too excited just yet because they must be consumed internally either through supplements or rich zinc diets.Zinc itself inhibits the enzymes like (5-alpha-reductase)who converts T into nasty Dht.Basically,Zinc contributes to increase male hormones whilst decreasing female hormone.Alpha males out there,you know what I mean ..

3. Soy

Sorry fellas,I had something vegan for lunch so turns out soy way,really no pun intended,is another winner considered among naturally occurring compounds containing phytoestrogens(a plant derived compound mimicking estrogen).Estrogen when present enough in men would worsen already thinning locks,but luckily Phytoastrogens work differently.Phytestoestrogens act like natural competitors against normal estrogens each time stumbling around & with less free spaces available,Cosmic Law:More Omega starved mechanisms cause increased movement inside mechanism disallowing it busy embarking on another forever…

In short : More Estrogen=Less Hair,Much Phytestoestrogen=Increasingly lesser Hair

4. Pumpkin Seed Oil:

Many might scream bizarre at the sight of pumpkin seed oil,and convert it into a base for salad dressings or even toast.Then,they would be happy to know that consuming atleast little amounts daily contains abundant phytosterols that is known for blocking Dht and keeping all hair chomping ready.Not only the serum but also applying topically onto scalp everyday will make things better.Plus ,it has other benefits like reducing inflammation,strengthening hair follicles.A win/win situation!

Hair Products with Natural DHT Blockers:

We understand! Not everyone stays healthy by eating certain foods or taking in supplements regularly.Everybody is busy living without focusing on anything else.Luckily there are hair products out there that come equipped with natural DHT blockers.You can thank us later,because im going to tell you about some of them.I hope your pen pal network doesokt see this because I am gonna share you an ultimate insider secret – Beehive Buzz from “Stops Losses” coming through…

5. Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner:

Since ancient times,miraculous argan oil has been one important ingredient when making cosmetics.Including shampoos,hair masks etc,.It’s gotantioxidants,vitamin E,oil balance capabilities protection against harmful UV rays.Wait till i tell you more.. A specific type called Omega Rare inside argan oils have essence inhibitors making them perfect companion in tackling dreadful dht problems.

6. Ginger Scalp Care Set:

Sit back as we reveal another amazingness- Gingers’ anti-inflammatory agents and all elements prove again how potent they actually are.While studies continue,Gingeris presumedto reduce levels of dht within scalp.Reducing inflammation thus,giving way to reversingdeterioratinghairs.

Quick Recap :

Let’s be honest Folks,Sometimes reading paragraphs can become strenuous so,let’s just do – table summary for you.

Type of Natural DHT Blockers How it Works
Saw Palmetto Blocks the production of the
enzyme from producing dht

| Zinc | Reduces levels of |
|Dht Within body |

,Soy |-Competes with estrogens and blocks|
|-phytestoerogens present within |

,Pumpkin Seed Oil |>Contains antioxidants,vitamins E capable. [^1]^|


As we end this article ,I hope you have gained a better understanding on how to block DHT naturally instead of wasting money & time on synthetic treatments.But,Remember good things come to those who wait,as one needs patience to see visible results.Out in this world,There’s always something that can be done so stay positive,happy.Stress is alopecia’s friend remember?Good Luck!

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