How to block account instagram?

Are you tired of seeing someone’s face pop up on your Instagram feed every day? Do their posts give you migraine headaches and make you want to gouge out your eyeballs? Well, my friend, it’s time for you to learn how to block them.

What is blocking on Instagram?

Blocking someone means that they will no longer be able to see your posts or interact with them. They won’t be able to follow you, like or comment on any of your photos, send you a Direct message (DM), tag you in photos or stories, or search for your profile.

When should I block someone?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty process of blocking an account let me ask one profound question: Why do humans feel the need to act upon something when it becomes unbearable?! Come on! You can simply unfollow accounts whose content doesn’t soothe well enough – oh wait! but then what about FOMO, right? Okay fine!! So here are few instances where blocking seems justified:

  • If they bully/harass/intimidate/make fun of/demean/snark about
    you continuously.

  • If that particular person reminds/remembers/recalls unpleasant memories and anything related makes everything look bleak and gloomy all over again!

  • Or maybe just because… Umm perhaps there’s this never-ending desire/urge/itch only dying satisfied knowing that person has been blocked.

So if anyone matches these descriptions above – Block before it gets any worse!

The Process

Step 1 – Open Your Insta Profile

Go ahead open existing ’Instagram account!’ Once open go straight towards exploring options present at bottom (supposedly called navbar) find yourself searching through icons until getting eyes fixed upon ‘Profile button’.

Step 2 – Search Person’s Profile

Gotcha…😏 now it’s time to pinpoint that unwelcomed profile face-to-face. Use Instagram’s search bar, located at the top of your screen and type in the person’s handle (the name used to identify their account).

Step 3 – Open Their Profile

Locating target acquired? Okay… now tap on profile or dp (display picture) so you could land over their “PROFILE PAGE”.

Step 4 – Block Them!

Well DONEEE!!! BUT WAIT IT’S NOT OVER YET🙄❗Now locate three dots placed horizontally present right next to side-by-side following/followers button.

The process seems lengthy but it is the pathway towards mental peace my friend.

Once clicked it comes with a list of options available starting from reporting an inappropriate conduct/profile/anything-for-that-matter! What we are interested in here is Block option, which when tapped shows us red dialogue box saying ‘Block‘ followed by confirmation pop-up asking if one would really want this decision since there is no turning back afterwards.( Which can be reached through ‘Advanced controls’. )

Confirming will prompt a notification –‘You have blocked.’– And just like that Insta-world would look much more pleasant without their annoying existence!

The Benefits

Pheww!! that was…quite easy 🤓..oh wait did I mention few perks:

  • No more hideous/dismal feeds.
  • Freedom from unreasonable criticism.
  • Achieve sense of detachment and nonchalance – Voilà

So what are you waiting for?! Grab onto ‘BLOCKING OPPORTUNITY’, folks!

It’s apparent know-how related take actions against unwanted accounts on Instagram, everyone wants serene/reductive digital experience and followers should uplift not drag down spirit!( Sorry not sorry – using fancy words makes me elevated!)

So let’s get rid rid of those people that suck…which.. i mean…. oh forget it just go & BLOCK them will ya?

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

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