How to bleach relaxed hair safely?

We’ve all been there – scrolling through Instagram, daydreaming about our upcoming hair transformation. Before you know it, you’re on Amazon buying bleach and developer instead of the new pair of shoes that was in your cart. But wait! If you’re a relaxed hair queen like me, bleaching your hair can be tricky business. One false move and those locks might break right off – leaving you with nothing but dreams.

Have no fear ladies (and gentlemen)! I’m here to guide you through the process of safely bleaching your precious strands without any damage whatsoever.

Understand Your Hair

Before diving headfirst into things (quite literally), take a moment to assess what type of relaxer or texture softener has been used on your hair previously. There are two types: lye-based relaxers and no-lye relaxers.

Lye-Based Relaxers

Lye-based relaxers have an alkaline pH balance which ranges between 12-14 on the pH scale (scary, I know). These types of relaxers are known for delivering results quickly but they can also cause serious damage if not handled correctly. With these types of chemically-treated locks, a sodium hydroxide-neutralizing shampoo is highly recommended before even thinking about applying bleach. Trust me; skipping this step would result in disaster galore!

No-Lye Relaxers

No-lye relaxers comprise guanidine carbonate as their active ingredient and contain lesser amounts of harmful chemicals as compared to other alternative options out there – something which makes it quite popular among beauty enthusiasts nowadays! Given its ’gentle’ nature when working with synthetic fibers such as polyester fabrics for example although keep one thing at the back end while opting for thinner textures like cotton or others so make sure that only high-end quality products by established brands are used. Just like with any other type of relaxer, a neutralizing shampoo is recommended before you even think about doing the “bleach-thing.”

Determine your hair health

Before attempting to bleach your hair, it’s important that you determine its current health status first. Some signs that could indicate fragile strands that need special attention include:

  • Hair breaking off easily when combing or manipulating (mayday!)
  • Dryness and split ends (all hell has broken loose)
  • Damage from previous color treatments (et tu, Brute?)

If any of these sound familiar to you – hold up! Bleaching will only make things worse.

Prepping Your Hair for ‘The Bleach’

Think witchcraft in a positive way; magical recipes and potions waiting to be mixed into an ideal concoction This part may seem tedious but trust me – treating your scalp and tresses correctly insures optimum results without causing damage.

Moisturize Like Crazy!

Firstly, keep those strands well hydrated by rubbing some coconut oil or castor oil on them beforehand – which helps lock moisture in while ensuring that nothing else penetrates deep within thereby safeguarding against chemical tangos due to bleach being applied afterwards !! A win-win, don’t you say?

Wash Beforehand

Then give your hair one final good cleanse with clarifying shampoo. The idea here is to get rid of all the dirt buildup so that when the bleach comes along there’s no residue preventing it from getting down to business (yuck!).

^Useful Tip: It might also help if you opt for a protein treatment once/ twice beforehand since they reduce cuticle damage.

Wait Two or Three Nights before Doing It

And lastly ladies (and gentlemen), wait at least 48-72 hours after washing sessionless night movements preferably so as not compromise possible ill-effects.

^Wig Game Strong

Now that you’ve prepped your head of hair, consider buying a wig (I know I did) to use while the bleach process is taking place. While there are no guarantees that things will go smoothly, a backup plan never hurt anyone wink wink.

Application of ‘The Bleach’

It’s finally time for the main attraction: applying the bleach. Ensuring proper mixing ratio will help in saving your tresses from ultimate destruction.

Mix According To Instructions!

Always read and follow instructions on how much developer to mix with the bleach powder – and DON’T just eyeball it! Around two parts developer per one part bleach powder at home be sure to check out equivalent ratios instead increasing them as per product policies if necessary otherwise choosing an easier method would go steady along lines without many additional frills (kudos).

Application Angle Matters

When applying the mixture use vertical or horizontal strokes depends upon personal preference but most professionals opt for sweeping motions rather than circular ones which could end up tangling strands since protecting overall structural integrity is crucial especially when handling relaxed locks so maintain equal pressure throughout hence leaving no strand un-coloured or under protected sometimes (upside down!)

Wait For The Results

Leave that bleach-in nourishing formula overnight (yes right, overnight!) It might seem daunting but remember: good things come to those who wait, moisturize and hydrate after effects to restore pH levels back into balance once again also help keep scalp safe by warding off any post-bleaching irritations. Post-care treatments are essential even salon-stylings require care afterwards per se this step does not have shortcuts.


In conclusion ladies (and gentleman), always make sure you’ve taken all precautions possible before attempting bleaching your relaxed hair –might end up costing more heartache than worth investing in My takeaway has been blown away watching some DIY Youtube tutorials but all in vain. It wasn’t until I read some reliable blog popups on my feed when trying to solve this hair could go along without paying heed suffered consequent hair loss and damage which not only eventually costs you more might become irreparable as the time flies by… trust me, invest that extra little bit of time prior will pay off huge dividends down the road!

Follow these steps religiously(seriously though) and it will lead to a transformation similar to an armadillo undergoing metamorphosis (yup)! Slay queen (and king), slay!

Off now? Ain’t no sweat, Just remember: Prepare – Focus – Done.

the end

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