How to bleach hair without dye?

Are you tired of using hair dyes that damage your hair in the long run or want to try a new look without committing to dye? Look no further! In this article, we got four amazing ways that can help you bleach your hair without resorting to harmful chemicals. No need for expensive salon visits or weird gadgets; only things found in your kitchen cabinets and outdoors. So buckle up, gather all necessary ingredients and let’s get started.

What Do You Need?

Before diving into the actual steps on how to bleach your hair naturally, here are a few items that could make our banana peeling adventure more enjoyable:

  • An old t-shirt (preferably white.)
  • Gloves
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Spray bottle
  • The natural ingredient of choice for each method. For example:
    • Cinnamon Powder
    • Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
    • Lemon Juice
    • Raw Honey

Another important step is wash your hair at least once before applying any mixture as it will remove built-up residues from products like gel or hairspray.

Method One: Cinnamon Powder

Step One: Create Your Mixture!

Cinnamon powder has an active ingredient called peroxide which lightens the color of whatever it touches, including our luxurious strands! To create cinnamon paste:
1) Mix five tablespoons with one cup of conditioner.
2) Squeeze some lemon juice into the bowl.
3) Add water until it becomes thick enough.

Step Two: Apply Mixture Into Hair

Put on those gloves then apply cinnamon paste onto dampened combed out section by section massaging top to ends gently since our goal is lifting instead than causing breakage . Leave mixture sit around8 hours(overnight is perfect),cover head with shower cap .Rinse off solution with shampoo and conditioner next day, Voila!

Caution: Cinnamon could cause allergic reactions on some people to always do patch tests. Do not go over the recommended amount of cinnamon as it could dry out your hair.

Method Two: Hydrogen Peroxide

Step One: Mixing Required Chemicals Together

Hydrogen peroxide isn’t only helpful in disinfecting cuts and wounds but also removes pigments which means lighter hair- double win!(Below 3% hydrogen peroxide solution is safe in this method). Let’s get started with mixing:
1) Pour one cup of water into a spray bottle.
2) Add five table spoons worth in low strength (below three percent).
3) Shake lightly until everything mix well.

Step Two: Apply Solution To Hair

Section hair off then start spraying while separating sections gently massaging each section enough for better absorption , leave on for at minimum half-hour,Oxygen bubbles will form indicating that your locks are getting blonder! In case you want lighter colour repeat process after drying thoroughly with final rinsing shampoo&conditioner.fresh set of blonde!

Caution: Ensure you utilize appropriate protective clothing since hydrogen peroxide can bleach materials too. It contains hazardous items like chemicals, so avoid ingesting or getting them directly into eyes or mouth etc.

Method Three: Lemon Juice

Step One: Preparing The Right Mixture

Lemon juice has an acidic property that oxidizes melanin leading to lightening effects.Prepare mixture by
1) Combine lemon juice and warm water fetched from sink
2) Mix ingredients together until consistency looks uniform

Note-worthy here-since lemon is acidic it might dry out scalp unnecessarily quick hence choose dry weather periods .

###Step Two : Coat Entire Hair With Mixture

Use leftover gloves from previous methods coated into solution .Saturate gloved fingers with mixture before parting comb through entire head of hair. For better result,bask under sun rays for about two hours.The growth rings on tree are not the only thing nature has that can give age if you don’t picture your scalp turning shiny reddish! Leave mixture sit around two hours or overnight depending on how lighter you want to achieve.rinse off with water plus application of conditioner.

Caution:It’s crucial limiting lemon juice application onto hair; too much usage could lead to a dry brittle structure subsequently an unhealthy breakage outcome.Do patch test beforehand, possible allergic reaction.Waiting time under the sun might cause body dehydration and adverse impacts like heat rashes.Try this method in summers!

Method Four: Raw Honey

Step One: Make Your Mixture

Raw honey contains enzymes that trigger produced effects seen when applying other methods.To create get mixture going
1) Mix one cup raw honey
2) Add 1/4th cup warm distilled water into mixing container.
3) Agitate until fully consistent before using.

Step Two: Apply Mixture Onto Hair

Utilizing gloves coat entire head section by section with supplied paste.Leave solution sit in for a minimum of eight hours (preferably overnight).If coverage evenly distributed ,hair should feel silky smooth once washed out .Wash mixture away via use of shampoo following up with conditioning as usual .

Note : We’re pretending its bees after swimming in all flower power thats making bee housewives they envy results LOL ! Once again patch tests need administering since allergens vary among individuals.Avoid over mixing because the viscosity would from thick->slimy then what good lessening package attractiveness we have here?

These four natural ways do help lighten your hair without resorting to artificial chemicals which come at great cost. These methods make it a fun activity, cheaper and environmentally friendly way(Rainforests will thank us).Know any other quirky effective method share it with us! Which method(s) appealed to your sense of humor? Add them into weekly at home spa routine,possibly have single colored hue or mix and match highlights create unique styles . Remember hair care doesn’t need boredom but inclusion of something new resembles freshness.Regular upkeep is the base non-stop cheer.

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