How to become deaf permanently?

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I wish I was deaf”? Are you tired of hearing your annoying co-workers chatter away or listening to your partner’s constant complaints? Well, look no further because this guide will teach you how to become deaf permanently! Disclaimer: We do not actually recommend becoming permanently deaf unless it is medically necessary.

Understanding Deafness

Before we dive into methods on how to become deaf permanently, let’s first understand what being deaf means. Deafness is a condition where individuals have little to no hearing. Some individuals may be born with the condition while others may acquire it later in life due to various reasons such as illness or injury.

Types of Hearing Loss

Not all types of hearing loss result in complete deafness. Different degrees and types of hearing loss exist for anyone seeking lesser forms of permanent methods.
– Conductive Hearing Loss
– This occurs when sound waves cannot travel through the outer and middle ear effectively resulting in difficulty hearing soft sounds.
– Sensorineural Hearing Loss
– This type occurs when there are issues with the inner ear nerves that send signals to the brain which translate as sounds. Thus, people may struggle with high pitches., understanding speech or telling background noise from foreground noise.
– Mixed Hearing Loss
– As its name suggests, mixed refers a combination between conductive and sensorineural losses simultaneously.

Advantages & disadvantages Of Being Deaf

We live experiences through our senses; however remote they might be.” ― Larry Dossey

Being deaf can certainly come with both advantages and disadvantages!


  • Complete silence reduces unnecessary distractions if engaging overhead work calls.
  • Being persistent misheard during conversations can damage relationships since communication becomes key in most social contexts!


Negatives heavily outweigh positives but still won’t stop us proceeding onto getting deaf permanently.
– Deafness often comes with various physiological and psychological consequences such as depression, anxiety and social isolation.
– Hearing helps keep us aware of unexpected situations like an alarm in a building about to crumble or people yelling warnings about potential danger.

Methods To Become Permanently Deaf

Now that we know the advantages and disadvantages of being deaf let’s get into some fun ways on how you can become deaf permanently!

Method 1: Loud Noises

Excessive levels of noise may lead to hearing loss over time. Make sure not wear appropriate ear protection if handling loud machinery or during concerts. If you prefer risking it all without hearing aid devices then expose yourself constantly to loud sounds can lay out initial steps for becoming hard-of-hearing.

Headphones with volume jacked up all the way could help reduce residual hearing but one should be mindful since it will decrease chances to hear those around.

Method 2: Ear Damage & Injury

According to Dr, Google ear damage might result from experiencing severe head injuries, objects stuffed inside ears or fluids accumulating within the inner canal resulting in infection/ inflammation over an extended period!

If causing infections through foreign object insertion is too much hassle smashing heads against challenging surfaces or participating

Method 3: Chemicals

Introducing harmful substances directly into your ears is another pointlessly regretful way when looking for complete deafness solutions!
– Hydrogen Peroxide Drops:
Proponents suggest instilling drops daily until experiencing discomfort make surface-level effervescence sensation which helps remove excess liquids/wax build-up occasionally thus leading towards overall deafness with repeated use overtime – However this leads no solution towards deeper conditions making only mildly beneficial especially since any drop-related injury even marginally occurring may cause permanent damage.

It's Always good to interject here reminding readers that hydrogen peroxide ought never ever be poured right onto the ears let alone leaving the substance sitting in ear canals. Only gentle cleaning of wax blockage with warm water or clearing out both ears daily serves as counteractive approach within good health.

Method 4: Surgical Solution

Consulting only highly professional physicians/ surgeons and being critically evaluated/head-scanned to confirm a medical condition leading towards Deafness then surgically implementing cochlear implants contributes towards making sound waves bypass irrelevant bits while providing clearer noises visually directly through skin implanted devices! But for best results, consider irreversible surgical solutions as worthy options.


Now that you know several methods on how to become deaf permanently remember this; no one deserves an unnecessary burden resulting in prolonged exposure leading into permanence hearing loss-risks outweighing any possible benefits especially if easily reversible conditions remain unaddressed. We highly recommend seeking help from healthcare professionals and/or other social /psychological support communities if needing assistance once struggling with moderate hearing problems instead!

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