How to beat performance anxiety?

So, you’ve got performance anxiety. That’s quite the predicament, my friend. Maybe your palms start to sweat when you’re about to give a presentation at work, or perhaps you freeze up on stage during a music recital. Whatever your particular flavor of performance anxiety may be, rest assured that there are ways to overcome it.

In this guide, we will explore some helpful tips for beating performance anxiety and regaining control of your nerves. We promise it won’t be boring – after all, if laughter is the best medicine, why not use a little humor in our approach?

What is Performance Anxiety?

Before diving into how exactly to beat it,we should probably clarify what “performance” anxiety actually means. , This term generally refers to feelings of nervousness or fear before or during an event in which an individual must perform in front of others (e.g., giving a speech, playing an instrument) . These feelings can manifest physically as well; common symptoms include sweating profusely,fidgeting,trembling,and adrenaline spikes making everything seem rapid like somebody has hit fast forward.

Why Does It Happen?

It’s perfectly normal for anyone who puts themselves out there from time-to-time to feel some amount of pressure and apprehension surrounding those events where either their competency will be judged or even scrutinized by other people . However,some individuals experience heightened levels which further magnify their worries /anxieties.. Sometimes in such circumstances they typically react excessively thereby rendering them self-conscious creating the possibility that said performances could go poorly because they don’t trust themselves enough.
These sudden twitches coupled with low confidence have unfortunately found numerous individuals having trouble whenever impending situations come around , ultimately affecting both professional and personal life .

Understanding Your Fears

Understanding your fears plays a vital role while coming up with solutions .

Face Your Fears

It might seem counter-intuitive, but facing your fears is arguably the best way to overcome performance anxiety. Get out there and practice! Volunteer for opportunities that put you in situations where you will have to perform regularly so as to eventually master confidence . Participate in open mics or theatre plays – just get on stage! While practicing, focus on what you’re doing right rather than everything that could potentially go wrong. Doing stand-up comedy? Not everyone laughs at most jokes anyway.

Make a List of What Worries You

Consider making an inventory of what worries you ahead of time. Spend a few moments writing down specifically what has actually got going , depict them as much detailedly as possible . Once they are all written down ask yourself if these anxieties are really practical enough noting whether every bit can be exempted based on logical reasons then strike off irrelevant pointers from it .

Pre-Performance Rituals

Rituals help alleviate stress by offering comforting familiarity which acts like some sorta psychological shield guarding against uncertainty in any other respect.
Some useful pre-performance routines include:
Listen to Music- This notably serves as both a distraction and inspires calmness taking the individual into the ideal mood set pushing aside nerves .
Take Deep Breaths- Practice deep breathing exercises such diaphragmatic or paced respiration techniques ..Doing this helps regulate one’s heart rate improving sense hence better concentration levels during performances.
Visualization Techniques -Picturing good candidates’ past successes here may come quite handy.notable examples being visualizing oneself delivering eloquent speeches/riveting performances while brushing up presentation/exhibit notes

The Dos and Don’ts of Performance Anxiety

Now let’s walk through some do’s/ don’ts when dealing with PA , Some actions might saddle us back instead.


  1. Do Prepare Thoroughly Always prepare well before performing.
  2. Do Talk to Friends and Family
    Discuss with people on how you feel about performances plans since they might spur in a few suggestions that could result easier for one factor or the other , after all most times just sharing your worries with somebody helps alleviate them .
  3. Do Positive Affirmations
    Self-motivation plays a key role when it comes to overcoming anxiety .Thinking positively will help boost confidence ultimately creating mental integrity


  1. Don’t Pretend Your Anxiety Doesn’t Exist
    Recognizing there’s a problem is actually half the solution. Don’t be an ostrich burying its head in sand, take immediate action accordingly.
  2. Don’t Obsess Over Mistakes
    Beating yourself over past mistakes won’t change anything thus it’s not very useful nay? This damages performance even further! It’s okay to fail; own up regroup learn from it, then move on.
  3. Don’t Rely Only on Medication – At times medication may seem helpful but instead start low by implementing sustainable habits before jumping too fast unless truly necessary.

The Bottom Line

Just because you have performance anxiety doesn’t mean that you can never perform well again.Learn to go easy on oneself be prepared enough seeking advice where necessary as there are multiple ways of dealing which range from obscure techniques such as imagining audiences being pants down ( totally whack ) to more orthodox but proven methods like wholesome engaging routines among others .
Anyway,this was our guide,hopefully quite informative while putting across humor through sarcasm.Thanks so much for commencing this bizarre ride alongside me 👍